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10 Eco-Friendly Instagram Feeds Worth Following

eco-friendly instagram

You’re committed to going green. You’re trying to change your habits and clean things up, a little at a time. But you need some inspiration, and maybe a few helpful hacks here and there. And since you’re busy (who isn’t?) you’d like that eco-friendly inspiration to come in a form that’s easily digestible and fun to look at. Enter Instagram, and it’s plethora of feeds dedicated to a more sustainable lifestyle. Here are 10 eco-friendly Instagram feeds we think you’ll enjoy following.

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1. Sustainability Champions

Born out of a blog and podcast, Sustainability Champions highlights individuals, businesses, and organizations that are working to protect and heal the planet.

2. Eco Central

This feed is all about how making small changes can make a world of difference.

3. Repurpose

When going green, there’s no place like home. Repurpose products are all about trading your common household disposables for more eco-friendly options.

4. Easy Eco Tips

As the name implies, this eco-friendly Instagram feed is full of simple, actionable things you can start doing today.

5. Sustainable Dish

Nutritionist Diana Rodgers is a dietitian, author, filmmaker, speaker and advocate for sustainable, nutritious and equitable food systems.

6. Waste Free Planet

Talk about an eco-friendly Instagram! This feed compiles inspiration from all over for a page filled with tips and doable ideas.

7. Wholesome Culture

This bee-loving page features the Wholesome Culture line of sustainable clothing, along with a healthy dose of eco-friendly inspiration.

8. Reduce Waste Now

Reduce Waste Now features sustainable products for your home along with useful tips for making your day to day decisions more eco-friendly.

9. The Eco Warrior

Plastic is out! The focus here is “start your waste-free journey with some easy swaps.”

10. My Plastic Free Home

You don’t realize how much plastic you have in your home until you start paying attention to someone like Kate, who is on a mission to make her home plastic-free. She champions “progress over perfection,” and inspires gently.

eco-friendly instagram

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