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10 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

mother's day gift ideas

Motherhood is a contact sport, and it requires endless physical, emotional, and mental stamina. Don’t let Mother’s Day come and go without letting the moms in your life know that you care! We’ve put together a few ideas that are sure to please Mom.

mother's day gifts wine

Wine Delivery Subscription

Whether she sips it while making dinner, binging Netflix, or on the porch with a novel, wine loving moms will adore the convenience of delivery subscriptions like Naked Wines. Mom can choose the wines she prefers, and get regular deliveries right to her door. 

These mesmerizing candle ornaments take the relaxing feeling of watching a flickering flame to the next level. As the heat from the candle rises, it sets the ornament in constant motion. Choose one of the relaxing scented candles to fit inside. 

This article is sponsored by Green Papaya

mother's day gifts sun hat

Packable Sun Hat

Mother’s Day brings with it some of the most beautiful weather of the year. If Mom likes to soak up the sun but likes to protect her skin, eyes, and hair then a cute sun hat is a must. And this one rolls up, so it’s easy to pack in a suitcase or purse!

mothers day gifts adventure bag

Adventure Ready Bag

These little bags are a convenient way to go hands-free whether you’re hiking, shopping, or traveling. They come in lots of colors, have pockets right where you need them, and are big enough to carry the essentials without being bulky or awkward.

mother's day gifts candle bundle

Empowerment Candle Bundles from Green Papaya

These sets of three scented candles come with a variety of messages, so you can pick the one that’s just right for the mom on your list. The Self Care, Daily Affirmations, or Go Getter gift sets each include three medium size candles. 

mother's day gifts wine tumbler

Yeti Wine Tumbler

We love this cup! Not only is it functional and cute, it’s also dishwasher safe. And thanks to the double-wall insulation and MagSlider lid, it works perfectly for the moms who start the day with coffee and end the day with wine.

mother's day gifts car detailing

Car Detailing

No matter if she’s rocking a mom-mobile full of carseats and crumbs, or the luxury wheels she’s always wanted, moms tend to live out of their cars. Gift mom that unbeatable feeling of a car that looks (and smells!) like new.

mother's day gifts sunglasses

Quality Sunglasses

How many pairs of cheap drugstore sunglasses did Mom lose playing in the waves with you when you were a kid? It’s time for an upgrade! Treat her to a pair of good quality, custom fit, polarized sunglasses. No more pinching, sliding, or squinting – sunnies that fit just right are a game changer.

mother's day gifts office supplies

Home Office Supplies

Maybe she works at home full time, or maybe she just has a home office space where she gets stuff done. Hashtag bossbabe! Either way, it’ll feel better for her if her workspace is organized and cute. From leather desk pads to ergonomic footrests and everything in between, there are more feminine looking desk accessories in stores than ever before.

mother's day gifts bar necklace

Trendy Bar Necklace

Dainty collarbone and bar necklaces are all the rage right now, and come in endless varieties. Their petite size and discrete shape make them nice to wear with just about anything. For a more personal touch, you can also find engravable bar necklaces and styles that you can customize with family birthstones.

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This article is sponsored by Green PapayaGreen Papaya was established in 2018 by a working scientist-mom. She wanted to find a better alternative to store bought candles, wax melts, and tea lights that are too strong-scented and irritating to the nose and airways. She noticed that store-bought, generic candles burned fast, gave off soot, and some of them produced an odd-looking clump after the first burn. Armed with her knowledge of product development and quality management principles, she set out to create a candle line that she would want to use every day with her family and friends.

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