11 TV Shows We Can’t Wait to Start Binging This Fall

Only Murders In The Building tv shows this fall

There are so many good things about fall… Halloween, the colors, pumpkin everything and most importantly, the TV Shows. Thats right! Our favorite season brings a lot of good things including your favorite new shows and new seasons of the ones you’ve been enjoying.

Here are the must-see TV shows this fall!

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The Wheel of Time

September 1 on Prime Video

Based on the fantasy novel series by Robert Jordan, The Wheel of Time entails a dangerous, thrilling journey between Moiraine and five young people. Moraine believes one of the five could be the reincarnation of the Dragon that will either save or destroy their world.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

September 10 on AMC

Daryl Dixon has left The Commonwealth. He finds himself washed ashore in France, home to a growing autocratic movement. He wants to return to the Commonwealth at first, but quickly gets drawn into helping those he meets in Europe.


October 20 on Prime Video

The year is 2033, and humans can choose their afterlife, or “upload” themselves. Computer programmer Nathan Brown dies prematurely and is uploaded to a posh afterlife that may not be as perfect as it seems.

Only Murders In The Building

August 8 on Hulu

Three crime-obsessed strangers come together when they suspect murder involving the death of someone in their apartment. The trio uses their skills to uncover the truth while telling each other lies. Pretty soon, they learn the killer might be in their company.

The Morning Show

The Morning Show

September 13 on Apple TV +

America’s most popular morning show must adjust to scandal, changing times, and power struggles, all while keeping a smiling face for their viewers. This dramatic satire gives viewers a glimpse into different perspectives of our changing society. This is definitely a must-see TV Show this fall

Lego Masters

September 28 on Fox

Think you’re good at Lego? You may want to think again. Starring Will Arnett as the host, Lego Masters brings in duos of siblings, friends, couples, and more to prove they are truly the Lego Masters.


October 6 on Disney+

An addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this show follows Loki on his adventures of self-discovery and saving the world. He must restore the timeline after creating alternate versions of himself years ago. Loki soon realizes that trying to destroy himself is easier said than done.

Celebrity Jeopardy

September 27 on ABC

Hosted by Jeopardy star Ken Jennings, celebrities compete against each other for charity while unveiling their hidden genius. Contestants from the quarterfinals to the finals get to donate a certain amount of money to the charity of their choice.  

The Fall of the House of Usher

The Fall of the House of Usher

October 12 on Netflix

Loosely based on works by Edgar Allen Poe, The Fall of the House of Usher is a drama-horror about the Usher family and their pharmaceutical empire. Things seem to be going well for them until secrets from their past arise and the empire crumbles.


August 11 on Showtime

A motivated hedge-fund lawyer, Bobby Axelrod, and a clever US attorney, Chuck Rhoades, battle over a case worth billions. This legal drama highlights the greed, power, and corruption involved in the high-finance world of New York City.

Reservation Dogs

August 2 on Hulu

Four Indigenous teenagers decide to do everything they can to escape their rural Oklahoma reservation and make it to the glorious land of California. The group resorts to stealing as a way to get out. Reservation Dogs brings laughter but also compels viewers to think more about serious issues within the United States.

Paige Trendell
Paige Trendell

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