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4 Tips For Decorating Your New Home on a Budget

Have you recently moved into a new home? Moving can be super stressful (trust me, I know!), but it’s exciting to have the chance to change things up with your home decor. Maybe your last home didn’t truly reflect your style, or you’re now sharing a space with a new person. A new home is the perfect blank slate to start fresh. Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a big impact.

The last time I moved my husband and I were only 25, so you can imagine we had a limited budget. We learned some lessons on saving money along the way that will help us in our next move, which we hope to make this year!

Focus on high traffic areas first

One of the most intimidating parts of decorating a new home is filling up space! Or, for those who are downsizing, it might be hard to know what to let go of. Focus first on your main living spaces and bedroom. Bathrooms and bonus living areas such as offices, finished basements, or guest rooms, can remain minimally decorated until your budget open up.

Start with a fresh slate

One of the best pieces of decorating advice I received was the lesson of “quieting a space.” Clearing items from a room and slowly adding them back in allows you to realize how you want your room to function.

Doing this after moving in is a bit of work (though it’s worth it). If possible, try embracing a quiet space before unpacking your books, hanging art, and finalizing a furniture layout.

Categorize the purchases you want to make

Before you drop a few thousand dollars at Target (whoopsies!), think about which items you’re willing to splurge on, and what you can save on. Spend a little more money on items that you want to go the distance, such as a sofa or mattress. Save on items that you can update down the road, such as side tables, throw pillows, and linens.

Behold, the power of paint

Nearly everything we owned as newlyweds were hand-me-downs, but one way we put our own stamp on our home was through paint. Looking back I cringe a little at our paint decisions, but I loved it back then! We had a purple bathroom, yellow guest room, and green bedroom! The purple bathroom was my very favorite. I instantly felt happier whenever I walked into that tiny space. If you don’t want to paint a whole room, try an accent wall or paint a piece of furniture. I most recently used black spray paint to update builder-grade light fixtures in our townhouse. Every time I have someone over they ask if I purchased new lights! Trust me — a little paint goes a long way.

Part of enjoying a new home is feeling like you can be yourself. Don’t forget to add lots of personal touches, whether it’s family photos, your favorite color, or treasured family heirlooms.

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