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4 Versatile Ways to Style a Bandana

Bandanas are an underrated tool for anyone’s accessory arsenal. A bandana is a multiway accessory with many purposes, with or without a specific hairstyle. With all these possibilities, you might feel confused about which style to start with!

bandana headband

Here is a breakdown of easy pick-and-choose options for styling a bandana. Start with a simple headband if you’re not sure which style you want, or challenge yourself by trying what we call a flipped Baguio style (as prompted by the YouTuber Shyla Impreso).

Wear your bandana in any season. It can also help protect your lovely head from sunlight and dust.

Keep in mind, a bandana can always multi-task, not only as a head & hair accessory, but also as a mask for being in public during COVID-19, last-minute (in case you forgot your other mask) or entirely intentional!

4 Versatile Ways to Style a Bandana

Styling the look you want isn’t always easy, especially if you haven’t often worked with a bandana. Here are five ways you can rock a bandana with whatever you got going on.

1. Bandana Headband

Check out how Shylya Impreso simplifies how she styles her bandana. It’s definitely one of the simplest styles and is easiest to pull off with many different kinds of hair. A square bandana works best:

  • Fold it into a triangle
  • Fold it again until it is the width you want. It can be flat, round, wide, or thin!
  • Here’s a secret to success: spray the bandana with hairspray once you find a shape you like.
  • Drape the headband over where you want it to sit on your head.
  • Tie it underneath your hair behind your neck
bandana headband high on forehead

You can make a top knot, side knot, a back knot. Experiment with the shape and position of the bow until it sits in a way that brings you joy. joycy shows off a cute easy tie at 0:50 in her video. Tuck in the bow ends for another interesting look.

Paying attention to detail: color coordinate

When choosing a bandana, think about the colors of your favorite pairs of shoes, pants, or skirts. Coordinating these colors can add an extra touch of thought and confidence to your look.

color coordinated red bandana

2. Use It As A Hair Tie

Bandanas can be a thick or thin, colorful, bold statement or a subtle accent. As a ponytail, you can play around with that flash of color and pattern. 

Try folding your hair into a bun. joycy provides some fun ponytail-bow inspiration starting at 1:30.

bandana bun

A top bun is another way to style a bandana around your hair. Apply bobby pins as necessary!

3. Bandana styles for more coverage

It can be so fun to wear a bandana while you’re working hard, running errands, or relaxing on the lawn or balcony.

bandana baguio style

Baguio-inspired classic bandana hairstyle

This style provides a lot of coverage and leaves an opening at the back of your head.

  • Start by folding it once into a triangle shape
  • Keeping it in the large triangle shape, wrap it around the top of your head and tie the long corners at the back of your neck.

Flip it

  • Baguio-inspired, but wrap it around the back of your head from the bottom up. Tie it so the opening is on the top of your head. Tie the bow towards the front. Watch joycy style hers at 4:00.

You can also…

  • Start with the large once-folded triangle
  • Wrap it around your forehead, just over your eyebrows and tie it behind your head

4. Use It As A Choker or Bracelet

bandana choker

A bandana can add a bold dash of color and pattern to any look as a thick choker-style necklace. You can style your choker in a triangle shape, or you can style this with a simple tie-up bow.

bandana neck tie

You can do the same thing with a bracelet. Bow, no bow, thick, thin, round, flat – whatever way you end up styling it, be sure to have fun!

Shape, color, pattern – get to know and utilize these elements in different ways, just by adding a bandana to your look. Share with your friends which ways help you feel best as yourself! And share with us too in the comments below.

bandana pin

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