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4 Ways to Balance Work & Fun While Traveling


Working as a travel writer provides me the opportunity to visit some of the most amazing destinations. Over the past several years, all of my trips have been a mixture of both work and fun. Right now, I am writing from Honolulu, Hawaii and as usual, I am presented with the challenge of juggling my schedule to fit a lot in. It’s important to me to balance work and fun while I’m here!

I love to absorb the sights and sounds of each destination. This includes research and exploration of the area. At the same time, there are things I want to do and see that may have nothing to do with work. This is the challenge for many business travelers around the world no matter what industry they represent. Statistica reports that business travel is expected to increase by 43% in 2018.

Just like most things in life, the sweet spot for finding this balance takes planning and organization. Even though I know that I have a few projects to complete here on Waikiki Beach, I’m sticking to seeing my list of attractions. For me, this may require working an abnormal schedule to complete my work. 


Set Daily Goals

The moment that I checked into the Hilton Waikiki Beach I knew the balance challenge was real. Its gorgeous décor and relaxing ambiance were palpable. The surroundings do matter when it comes to getting your work tasks done. No matter how tempting it may be find several perfect locations in your accommodation to work. Some will require quiet spaces to write or complete reports.

Setting daily goals is a good way to prepare in advance. This is great for those who will be on an extended trip in their destination. This may mean selecting the best days to visit worksites or to do computer activities. Daily goals are also helpful for those with multiple activities on their plates. Your goals should also include something enjoyable, whether it is a place to dine or sightsee.

Schedule Time to Work

It’s strange that I prefer to work during the early morning hours when I travel. When I’m in my home office, I have no problem writing well into the night. I think my desire to get out and experience terrific locations plays a role in this schedule. Anyone on a business trip must find an efficient way to work during the day. Scheduling the best time to work will help you to achieve goals for these trips.

Aside from meetings and other activities related to work, there is usually more to do once you return to your hotel. Knowing when you are the most productive can be useful for getting additional work done. This will also allow you to plan for other activities, as well.  I was able to take an amateur hike up Diamond Head State Monument, by setting myself an early morning work schedule.

Plan to Explore

Visiting Pearl Harbor and Manoa Falls were at the top of my tourist attraction list. Their rich history and scenic views just appeal to my sense of curiosity.  Balancing doesn’t have to be an either or scenario when work and fun are involved. My personal goal is typically to get my project finished early. This often requires that I work an extra-long day during my trip. In the end, it’s well worth the investment of time.

Plans to explore are simple to put together. All you need to do is consider the attractions, landmarks, and tours that you want to visit. In some instances, there may be nearby options that are within walking distance. Those that are farther away may take a little additional planning. Depending on how you’ve organized your work schedule, you may choose to explore several different days during your trip.

Know When to Quit

Trial and error have taught me how best to plan for work activities when I travel. I know when to push myself to get more done. Feeling comfortable with this knowledge is a good way to embrace your particular work style. I don’t require a complex location or a bunch of materials in order to be productive. I do, however, need a routine in place to keep me on target with my goals.

Most business travelers will develop their own routine to get important things done on these trips. One of the most important parts of these for me is knowing when to quit. This means understanding when you’ve done enough and need to unwind. The journey back home is typically challenging on its own without your exhausting yourself in advance. Learn to quit the work and save some for another day.

Everyone knows that work in any field is all about utilizing your skills and taking advantage of opportunities. Those of us with the ability to travel for work need to look at the glass as half full and find ways to balance our tasks. Don’t let a great location go to waste just because there are work responsibilities to take care of. Plan to work and when you’re done, plan to have fun!


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  1. Noel says:

    Great tips and food for thought. Very easy to read. Thanks!!!

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