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4 Ways To Stay In Touch With Potential Clients

potential clients

For plants to flourish, you have to keep watering and taking care of them. In the same way, your potential clients also need regular nurturing. Contacting and staying in touch with your potential clients will make them feel important, valuable, and well cared for. Conversely, lack of a good relationship and effective communication will make them feel neglected. Eventually, they may seek services elsewhere. With a variety of brands and a competitive marketplace, it is crucial to keep in touch with your customers before and after the sale.

To attract and retain clients, you have to turn transactions into a solid and long-lasting relationship. Most prospects will take their time before they are ready to buy. You should start and maintain a healthy relationship with your clients without overdoing it and annoying them. Here are four easy ways to stay in touch with your prospective clients.

1. Social media and blogging

To solidify a good relationship with your potential client and add value right from the start, get involved with their online presence and social media platforms. Respond to their posts to make them feel valued and well-served. And create your own engaging social posts that set you apart as the best in your field. Be sure to choose a platform that suits your skills and expertise. Writing a blog post about your experience and abilities is also a great indirect way of keeping in touch with your potential clients.

2. Abandoned cart recovery

You spend a ton of time and money on your website, it’s beautiful and functional, so why are people creating shopping carts and abandoning them? Site abandonment is one of the most challenging problems to overcome, where potential customers disappear without completing their transactions. As an entrepreneur, you have to convince these people to return to your website and finish what they started! Services like SiteChaser match your site visitors’ IP addresses to their home address so that you can automatically send them a piece of direct mail encouraging them to return. There are also plenty of abandoned cart services that will send these follow-ups via email!

potential clients

3. Host events and webinars

Hosting a webinar may be helpful for your potential clients, and it identifies you as a subject-matter expert. Make sure the information you’re sharing is relevant and useful, and that you’re delivering it in an avenue that works well. As potential clients participate in your event, you can reveal more and more about your skills and expertise. If they like what they hear, they’re more likely to sign on the dotted line.

4. Add a personal touch

As an entrepreneur, adding value doesn’t have to be strictly business. Remember their interests and hobbies, and send them articles that you think they’d like. Acknowledge their birthday with a branded mug or t-shirt. Personal connections are the ones we tend to remember the most.

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