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5 Creative Tips For Home Decor

home decor

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What do you first notice about someone’s home decor? Do your eyes travel to what’s displayed on their walls? Are you drawn to the books lined on their shelves? Home decor choices reflect the history and passions of the homeowner. How well does your home reflect your personality?

Whether you have a tight budget or not, there are many great ways to creatively decorate your home.

Embrace secondhand items in your home decor

You might be surprised by how many cool items can be found at flea markets, yard sales, and online marketplaces. Be selective and only consider pieces that reflect your style. One person’s trash should only become your treasure if it’s something you truly want for your home.

home decor

Display unique wall decor

Wall decor isn’t limited to artwork and mirrors. Wall decals are an increasingly popular way to personalize a home. We’re not talking fat heads, here. Wall decal options now include everything from cityscapes to family values to intricate designs. You could show off your favorite vacation spots or a meaningful quote. These decals can be placed in any room of the house — not just the living room.

Show off a collection

This tip is perfect for people on a budget. Do you have a stamp collection from when you were a kid? Turn it into wall art! Do you have a ridiculous amount of cookbooks? Designate a special shelf in your kitchen or dining room to display all of your books together. Decorating with collected items gives your guests a peek into your past and your personality. The key here is to use what you have already. Simply think of a new way to show off what you love.

home decor

Become a crazy plant lady

It may seem like plants are all the rage right now. Plants will always be in style! You don’t have to have a green thumb to successfully display plants. Consider low-maintenance indoor plants like aloe vera or philodendrons.

Attempt a home decor DIY project

I know, DIY projects can seem overwhelming. Instead making something from scratch, look for projects that only involve a few steps, such as attaching legs to a table, or stapling fabric on canvas. If you’re ready for something more involved, this DIY mounted shelving unit is a jaw-dropper! 


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