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6 Creative Ideas to Rock Your Outdoor Living Space

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Spring is upon us! It’s time to ditch those fleece blankets and hot mugs of cocoa and move outside for all things lighter and brighter. Does your patio, outdoor entertainment space or she-shed leaves you wanting more? Try these quick drab to fab tips to create your perfect outdoor living space!

Decorate from the inside-out

Think of your outdoor living space as an extension of your home and incorporate some of the same touches that make your interior comfy. Outdoor rugs come in a variety of colors and styles. Hanging sheers or curtains from beams or arbors adds the perfect touch of whimsy. 

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Potted Plants

You may have gorgeous in-the-ground flower gardens but add potted plants and flowers for increased flexibility and enjoyment. Potted plants are portable, allowing you to create more intimate spaces. Flower pots come in an assortment of looks ranging from formal/elegant to primitive/country to match your mood and style. And don’t feel limited to flower pots for your potted gardening pursuits. If an object has “space,” then there’s room for a planted flower. Think vintage metal picnic baskets, old work boots, or even that adorable metal toy truck your son has forgotten about.

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Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting for today’s outdoor living spaces is not your mama’s lighting! With a plethora of new and unique solar choices, you are limited only by your imagination. Fairy twinkle lights add sparkle and glam to your space. Wrap trees and line outdoor sheds with white lighting to create a soft glow. Use solar spotlights to highlight a favorite statue or architectural piece in your garden. If you can’t see it, you won’t enjoy it — so light that baby up!  

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Wall Art

Wall art allows you to express your personality outside the same way it does in your home. Do you love inspirational quotes? Vintage metal art? Baskets filled with flowers or other treasures? Hang them on fences or the outside walls of your home or she-shed. Keep in mind that if they are directly exposed to the elements, spray with polyurethane or another weather protection product. Obsessed with vintage doors? They make excellent “room dividers” or focal points in your space. Hang a basket of flowers from the door or paint the window with chalkboard paint and let your creativity run wild with possible artwork. Better yet, make it a family affair and get the kids involved to create a unique family masterpiece. 

Seating Area

Comfortable seating is a must for creating a fabulous outdoor oasis. Think small, intimate conversation areas within a larger space as opposed to one substantial gathering area. Whether your seating surrounds a fire pit table or a fun, quirky trunk that doubles as an outdoor coffee table, remember — furniture arrangement should create such a feeling of cozy that people won’t want to leave. 

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Create The Mood

A beautiful outdoor living space may capture the eye, but remember to also offer a symphony for the ear. Sound plays an important role in creating a mood. Fountains offer a soothing backdrop to conversation. And nothing nourishes the soul like the sound of a wind chime softly adding its own form of music. The higher the quality and larger the chimes, the more mellow and beautiful the melody. Stay away from less expensive alternatives that don’t create a rich sound. It’s worth the expense.

The weather is delightful. Your space is ready. Invite your friends for a glass of wine or even better, savor that fabulous oasis with the best company you could ever have — YOU!

This article was original published in our Spring 2020 issue.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to click through and make a purchase, Sass Magazine will receive a small commission at no cost to you.

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