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6 Green Practices to Apply at Work

green practices

Creating a workspace that is sustainable will reduce your office carbon footprint and is better for everyone. No, literally…EVERYONE! Contribute to a bigger picture by applying these simple, green practices to your workspace:

Eliminate paper waste

Re-use your f%&*ing paper products! Scrap paper = note taking paper. I always use the blank back side of paper to take notes. Try cutting them in half and using a binder clip to make a DIY notebook.

Recycle that b!tch

We have two designated recycling areas in our office for paper and plastic. Research your local co-op or recycling facility to learn about the best way to sort recyclable materials.

Leave your care at home

Bike, walk or commute to work. You’ll be using less fossil fuels and lowering carbon emissions by doing this. Plus, you can potentially save money on gas, make new friends and get a work-out!

Only purchase recycled paper products

This includes paper, folders, business cards, etc…Pro-tip: re-use your folders! We use these recycled folders and re-use them several times for different clients. Just think about all the sweet, sweet trees you’re saving.

Print less

Next time you’re getting ready to print something, stop and ask, “Do I really need to print this? Do I?!?!?” If the answer is yes, first, see step 3, then make sure you’re printing front and back, lastly, see step 1 and/or 2.

Power off

Reduce energy consumption by turning off the lights (do I really need to tell you this?) and shutting down your computer at the end of the day. We have a sticky note on the inside of our office door that say “TURN BATHROOM HEATER OFF!” 8/10 of our office visitors comment on it!

Download the Green Living Checklist

Download the Green Living Tips checklist and get started living a more sustainable lifestyle right away.

by Cecelia Lee, designer at Sass Studios (

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