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7 Tips for Creating a Signature Look

signature look

You know who you are, and you want others to know too. This is where your signature look comes into play. A signature look reveals part of your personality to the world, so creating a chic trademark style is an important part of expressing yourself. Here are the top seven ways that you can create your own signature look.

Prioritize Wearing What You Like

It’s important to remember that the point of your signature look is to send a message about yourself to the world. This means that your signature look should consist of pieces that you like! This also means that it’s important to find clothing and accessories that make you feel attractive and comfortable. This look is like your written signature: it shows the world who you are, and it comes naturally and automatically.

signature look

Work on Describing Your Style

At the start of your signature look journey, you should work on describing exactly the style you want to portray. You can start by asking yourself, “What are the top three words that I want people to imagine when they see my style?” Then, work on explaining the kind of clothing, accessories, and makeup that could evoke these responses. For example, if you want people to think “bold” when they see your style, you could start with vibrant colors. Or, if you’re going for “classic,” you can build off of the classic white pearl look. Start by describing the message you want your style to send, and then continue from there.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

The right accessories can take a popular look and transform it into your own style. Just adding the right belt, jewelry, or even hat can make an outfit truly your own. The key to getting the right accessories is to try them all. This doesn’t mean that you have to buy the whole store, though. Instead, start by mixing and matching what you already have. You may find that these new combinations help to define and refine your signature look.

Choose Your Favorite Decade

Another great place to start when defining your signature look is choosing a decade or vintage style that fits your personality. Then, you have a great jumping-off point for building your own style. A lot of vintage looks exaggerate the style of the past decades, so you can add your own flair to these already-recognizable fashions.

signature look

Model After a Successful Fashionista

Nowadays, social media makes it easier than ever to find new styles that we like. If you’re just starting out with your signature look, checking out fashionistas and influencers on social media is a great place to start. You don’t have to model your look after them, but you can learn from their process. Start by looking at their older pictures and outfits, and then pay attention to how their signature look has developed over time. Then, find your own starting place and try to grow your style in a similar way. Remember, people on social media are just examples for how your style can grow; you don’t have to copy their look exactly.

Keep a Record of Your Outfits

You should take photos and keep a special album of the outfits that you particularly like. Then, once you have a nice collection of examples, you can look for trends and patterns that have come to define your style. Of course, if you want to share this fashion journey on social media, that’s always a possibility. Sharing the photos of your favorite outfits as you build your signature style is a great source of motivation. It also gives others the chance to react and give feedback to all of the new looks that you try out along the way.

Don’t Be Afraid to Grow and Evolve

Like most parts of your life, your style will change and evolve as time goes on. So, you should embrace the changes in your preferences and style as a sign of growth and improvement. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to give off different vibes now than you did several years ago. And it’s perfectly normal to want to wear totally different things from day to day. The secret to developing your signature look is to make sure that it continues to develop.

signature look

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