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7 Tips For Productive Packing

productive packing

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Wanderlust, the urge to travel, that calling to see the world. Nowadays, Pinterest makes travel plans and exciting itineraries accessible, inspiring us to find those ‘must-see’ places all around the globe. Whether it’s a week-long vacay, a three-day getaway, or a summer abroad, the only thing standing in your way is what you can and can’t fit in your suitcase. So when the travel bug bites, make sure you’re packing light! Here are some packing tips that will help you get up, get out, and get on your plane with the necessities (and don’t worry – you’ll still get to take those cute chunky wedges along)!


We all have it: that adorable outfit in our closet that we’ve never worn, but for some reason we feel as though we might need it for this three-day trip to the opposite weather climate. Spoiler alert: you won’t wear it on this trip, either. Be decisive; pack your ‘favorites’ that you know you look good and feel good in. If you’re going for three days, take four outfits – not eight. That way, you’ll know exactly what you’re working with on your trip, and you know no matter what you put on, you already like what you’ll be wearing. This will also help you have fewer decisions to make on your trip, because you’ll have fewer outfits to choose from. A blessing in disguise! (Warning: This is the hardest tip to execute for all of us wishy-washy beings out there!)


Choose a pair of pants and a skirt that could pair with several different tops. Select two or three tops that could go with either piece, making you feel like you’ve got more outfits packed than you might actually have. Pick one dress that you can’t live without, because you never know when you’ll need a more formal option and it’s always good to be prepared. Choose colors on the bottom that are neutral and flexible, and then go with lots of colors and prints on top that can easily adapt to any of the choices you’ve made for the bottom. This is a great way to have eight or nine different options, while only packing five or six items.


I know, we all have the urge to wear our sneakers and sweats to the airport – especially for those early flights! Pair those cute chunky shoes with an outfit you had planned to pack anyway, and ta-da, that’s one less combo you’ll have to fit in your suitcase! (Wedges and boots in particular take up a ton of room!) An added bonus: you’ll look super cute sitting at the airport bar waiting for your flight.


This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” packing tips. Don’t let the empty space inside your shoes go to waste! Roll up those cute undergarments and stuff them in your shoes to save on space. You can do the same with your socks. This will save on space, and will also help everything stay contained. Also, invest in a nude multi-way bra. You’ll be able to wear a nude colored bra under any outfit, and if you can wear it with or without straps, you’ll be able to pair it with any outfit that you’ve packed no matter the straps on your shirt or dress. If you’re wary about sticking your underwear into your jogging shoes, put them in a mesh bag or ziploc first.

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Rolling your clothes not only saves space in your suitcase, but it also helps your clothes stay fresh and less wrinkly by the time you arrive at your destination. No creases or harsh folds for that cute new crop top and maxi skirt! Bonus tip: roll your necklaces into your clothing to keep them from tangling. You can keep your chains and chokers separate in each article of clothing so that you won’t have to worry with untangling when you reach your destination. Plus, you can match your jewelry with each outfit! This will also save you from packing a big jewelry container, or over-packing on jewelry.


If you can get away with generic shampoo for a short trip, take advantage of those hotel goodies that are available at your hotel. You can get everything from razors, soap, shampoo, conditioner etc. saving you from packing those on your trip. If you’re tied to your favorite shower products, buy clear travel bottles and take your beloved products with you. One of our favorite packing tips: keep those small bottles in a Ziploc bag so they don’t explode in your suitcase! Also, you won’t need to pack a hairdryer, but do invest in a heat-resistant cover for your curling iron or flat iron. If you’re like me, your hair is the last thing you do before heading out, and you won’t want to wait on your flat iron to cool before you leave.


Set a goal to fit everything you want to take into one carry on bag. This will save you time both before and after your flight, as you won’t have to head to baggage claim. This also makes getting your bags into an Uber or hotel shuttle easier, and will ensure that you won’t lose your bag in a mix-up at the airport!

So take these packing tips whether you’re headed to Boston or Belize, and make sure what’s in your suitcase serves as your inspiration. Happy Travels!

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  1. JEB says:

    I have been travelling for the last six weeks ( Australia and New Zealand) and have three more weeks to go! My husband and I decided to take as little as possible. So far, we have stayed at 25 different hotels. I took three skirts, two pairs of pants and five tops. One thin cotton dress for nice occasions and one nice pair of shoes, sneakers and I bought a wonderful Ecco sandal in Dubai! Great not to be overloaded and next time, I will take even less! Great suggestions in your article

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