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You Need A Personal Branding Photographer. Ask These Questions Before You Hire

personal branding photographer

Does the thought of doing Facebook Lives and Instagram videos give you heart palpitations? Consider working with a personal branding photographer who will coach you through the entire photoshoot. You shouldn’t even have to think about feeling awkward.

Choosing a personal branding photographer is NOT THE SAME as choosing a family or wedding photographer. Avoid a heap of legal issues by knowing the difference.

Knowing what to ask prospective branding photographers will lead you to choose the best photographer for you.

1) Ask Your Personal Branding Photographer: Is a Commercial License agreement included?

Ask to clarify both verbally and contractually that a commercial license is included with your brand images.

This means that you will have the freedom to use the images for business purposes (making money). You won’t have to get permission from the photographer with each use.

This also gives you the freedom to use the images without giving photo credit to the photographer each time you print or use the images online. (Yes, it is illegal to use or post an image taken by a professional photographer without photo credit below each image shared anywhere online or print.)

2) Ask Your Personal Branding Photographer: Will I get to choose from edited images? 

Depending on the package you purchase, you will receive an agreed-upon number of images. There is a good chance you will be choosing from a variety of images presented to you in an online gallery or in person.

Some photographers only edit the images that are “final selection.” For the client, it can be frustrating to decide on your final images before they are edited.

Ask whether the photographer edits your images before or after making your final selection. It is definitely something you want to know upfront.


This post is sponsored by Christine Schombert Photography


personal branding photographer

3) Ask Your Personal Branding Photographer: How will you get to know my brand? 

A dedicated personal branding photographer will ask to meet with you in person, or over Zoom to chat. Through your first impressions, you can establish if you’re a good fit for each other.

To understand what you want during your shoot, a photographer may ask you to share Pinterest boards or even give you a questionnaire.

There should be questions, either in discussion or via questionnaire, about your target audience. They should also ask how you want your ideal client to feel when they see your photos.

I recommend choosing a branding photographer who is genuinely interested in the soul of your brand.

Trust your intuition and work with a branding photographer who “gets you.”

4) What do I do with my awkwardness in front of the camera? 

Be blunt when checking out branding photographers – tell her “I’m uncomfortable in front of the camera.”

Look for a photographer who doesn’t miss a beat with a thoughtful response or question.


5) Do you allow customization of branding images? 

It’s best to inquire about “access to edit and customize images.” This is the permission needed to add a filter, text, or logo to an image. The reason you’ll want customization access is that, for example, you may want to change the background to a solid color to fit the vibe of a Facebook ad.

Make sure there is a clause in your agreement stating that you, the client, have the freedom to edit and customize your branding images for business use.

personal branding photographer


People often forget to ask these 5 questions when inquiring with a branding photographer.

Hire the photographer who you feel the most comfortable with. If you’re not comfortable, you will not get the results you are looking for.

Go with a photographer whose work you love and who shoots in the style that fits your branding.

Your own file of branding images will give your ideal clients more access to you. They allow you to be visible and stay top of mind – even while you sleep!


This post is sponsored by Christine Schombert Photography. You can contact Christine at 240-793-7573 or email Check her out on Facebook and on Instagram!

This article and all photos included were provided by Christine Schombert.
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