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Basic Bread Recipe Round Up

bread recipe

Below is your Intro To Bread recipe curriculum, a list of recipes from which you can pick and choose at your leisure. These recipes are simple enough for even the breadless beginner. A comprehensive list, it spans the gamut from your standard bread loaf to buns, tortillas, and more. Now’s a great time to be a basic bread, Karen. 

Hot tip: as y’all may know, ingredients can be in short supply these days! Bread doesn’t have to take much, but plan your bread-house-making day a few weeks out if you’re ordering ingredients like flour and yeast online! 

NO KNEAD Peasant Bread

This one’s six ingredients, made with flour and yeast. It comes out fluffy, spongey, and with a fragrant, bready taste. AND you don’t have to knead it! For those who don’t know, kneading is the process of stretching, pressing, and folding bread dough over and over to mix & strengthen it.

bread recipe

Beginner’s Guide To Bagels

You may recognize that the dough for these bagels is very similar to the no knead bread. It also has no kneading involved! Yay! All these bagels require is shaping, a “hot water bath”, and a good round of baking in the oven.

Hot tip

Egg wash substitutes:

  • For sweets, maple syrup mixed with non-dairy milk
  • With goods that brown on their own, brush on a little neutral oil after it’s baked
  • For goods that don’t brown on their own, brush on coconut oil before baking
bread recipe

Ube Bread

For this bread recipe, you’ll need ube, a Filipino purple yam. Combined with your typical bread dough ingredients, you’ll get a yammy, bright loaf of deliciousness.

Jewish Rye Bread

This bread recipe takes a few extra ingredients. Rye flour, potato flakes, caraway seeds, and sour pickle juice, along with other more typical bread components. You’ll also need a large stand mixer with a dough hook. Otherwise, you just mix the dough, let it rise, and pop it in the oven!

bread recipe

2 Ingredient Quinoa Bread

Gluten-Free! Quinoa and water! Blender or food processor! Bake & flip! 

Oatmeal Bread

A chewy, hearty bread! In addition to your typical bread ingredients, you’ll, of course, need oats. Mix, knead, & bake! 

English Muffins

For these you need a sourdough starter, a dough with the specific purpose of getting yeast to do what you want for your bread. This recipe also uses dairy or non-dairy milk, baking soda, and cornmeal. The entire process will take one or more days, depending on how you make or acquire your starter. These babies get cooked in a skillet!

Gluten-Free Flatbread

The main ingredient is buckwheat flour, with supporting players raw apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and salt. This recipe takes 24 hours to ferment, then minutes to cook in your skillet.

bread recipe

Easy Grain-Free Tortillas

Just 15 minutes of quality time with tapioca flour, chickpea flour, and canned coconut milk and you’ll be rolling in warm, homemade tortillas!

Burger Buns

Make sure you’re in a mood to chill out with some rising dough for this recipe! Have your book and tea picked out as you create this easy recipe. The wait is well worth the delicious, exceptional sandwiches you’ll be chowing down on. 

…And 5 Bread Recipes For Your Sweet Tooth

bread recipe

With this, I hope that your bread journey brings you a deeper understanding of yourself, the universe, and yeast. May your halls be glowing with the luminous aroma of warm, freshly-baked bread. You’ll find that being at home may very well be the best place you could possibly be.

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