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5 Beauty Mistakes You Might Be Making This Winter

beauty mistakes

It’s no secret that cold weather can do a number on our skin — whether we find ourselves waking up with cracked lips or realizing our hands have dried out from constant hand-washing. Rebecca Carrera, owner of Maven Beauty Bar in Frederick, Maryland, shares five beauty mistakes to avoid this winter.

5 Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

Taking Hot Showers

Lingering in a hot shower on a cold winter morning may feel amazing, but that scalding water is not amazing for your skin! After about 15 minutes the hot water begins to compromise the lipid layer of your skin, where fatty acids bind in moisture. Shorten the length of your shower or just turn down the temp. This beauty mistake might be a hard one to break, but your skin will thank you!

Using Foaming Cleansers Containing Sulfates

Any foaming facial cleanser containing sulfates, no matter what time of year, can really dry out your skin. When the temperature starts to dip below 60 degrees, swap out your foaming cleanser for a cleansing cream or cleansing oil. You won’t strip away your natural moisturizing factor. Any skin type can benefit from an oil cleanser, even oily skin.

Skipping SPF

Whatever you do, don’t skip SPF. The sun’s rays still exist during the winter months, and over time can damage the skin causing premature aging. If you’re concerned about using a healthy sunscreen without toxins, look for a mineral version.  

Applying Harmful Lip Balm

Lip balm can be tricky. You’re obsessed with that tingly feel from your favorite lip hydrator, but it’s those tingles that are actually drying out your lips and causing you to repeatedly re-apply. Steer clear of any lip products with menthol, phenol, or salicylic acid. These ingredients can work as exfoliators, therefore thinning the lips and making it difficult for lips to protect themselves from the elements.

Neglecting Your Hands

Leaving your hands out in the cold can lead to dry cracked skin and brittle flaky nails. Avoid antibacterial soaps and opt for regular soap instead. Use a good hand cream several times a day, and apply cuticle oil on your nails each night before bed. Finally, wear gloves to keep your digits cozy.

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