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Bedtime Yoga: An Evening Routine for Better Sleep

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Did you know a bedtime yoga routine can help you get better sleep? Sleep can be easily disrupted for a number of reasons. These could include stress, bodily pain, racing thoughts, lack of exercise, sleep environment, and evening activities that may not allow us to fully wind down. Sometimes we know exactly what is causing our lack of sleep, but other times the causes may be unknown. The ultimate goal is to identify the root cause so that we can modify, eliminate, or manage it. But in the meantime, having a go-to bedtime yoga practice can be a total game changer.

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Sleep Disruption

Sleep disruption has many short-term and long-term effects. You may notice specific symptoms in yourself after even just one night of disrupted sleep. While we all have a unique experience, some short-term effects may include brain fog and cognitive impairments, muscle tension or other bodily aches, headaches, heightened susceptibility to stress, mood swings, physiological symptoms like digestive discomfort, or many more. Long-term sleep disruption can contribute to or complicate other health conditions, or in some cases, be a causal factor. It is no secret that getting enough restful sleep is extremely important for our health.

A Wind Down Routine

Watch this video to learn a bedtime yoga routine that will help you prepare for a more restful night! This short yoga practice includes relaxing postures in the supine position to help our body and mind transition into evening mode. Gentle stretching for the low back will help to reduce nagging tension from the day, contralateral movement promotes right brain-left brain integration to prepare the mind to wind down, and some intentional breathing adaptations promote balance in the nervous system.

You can try this practice at night right before bed, or anytime in the late afternoon or evening to help you wind down from your day! Practicing it consistently will add up over time. The more you do it, the better it works! I hope this provides you a useful evening routine to get a better night’s sleep! 

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