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Bra Boutique Educates Women on Fit and Confidence

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Peggi Joy, owner of A Perfect Fit Bra Boutique, a small business located in Frederick, Maryland, has made it her mission to educate women about realistic bra fittings. Her goal is to shift our point of view from that of the commonly sexualized and unrealistic image advertised by popular brands to a more educated, body aware and breast healthy ideal. Bras can be a fashion statement AND still fit well. But a true fit works with the body we actually have, making us look and feel our best no matter our stage in life. A Perfect Fit Bra Boutique specializes in professional bra fittings, quality bras, and lingerie for everyday and special occasions — all in a relaxed, friendly, and body positive atmosphere!

About the Business: A Perfect Fit Bra Boutique

We are all about the fit. Our goal is for our customers to have properly sized bras for their unique shape. We carefully curate our style selections each season, in order to bring our customers the right mix of “tried and true” with new innovations — all at the right price point. Professional bra fitting is about more than letters and numbers; it’s also about matching bra frames to body frames and matching styles to activity levels and life events.  

It’s All About The Fit

The “perfect fit” is based on choosing the right bra frame designed for each of our individual shapes and proportions. Bras are the most highly engineered and tailored item we put on our bodies with a distinct purpose. They are a performance garment! They should make us look great in our clothes and help our clothes tailor properly to the body. Our breasts impact our posture. Women need an expert who really knows health, anatomy, merchandise, and the industry to help us find that “perfect fit”. 

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Bra Shopping Can Be Frustrating

Bra shopping can be a frustrating exercise in futility for so many! The goal at A Perfect Fit Bra Boutique is to change bra shopping into a body positive experience. To do that, we focus on personalized customer service, fitting expertise, knowledge of the products, and breast health. Women often worry about being judged and we worry about our body shape. Our mission is to help women in all stages of life feel confident with their bodies. For instance, we carry nursing bras and true athletic bras for all body shapes. We educate women on how bras work, as well as their function and purpose.   

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Before starting this entrepreneurial journey, I was a clinical social worker. I was required to take human anatomy and physiology! I also worked in healthcare with breast cancer patients. I became familiar with all aspects of the physical and mental changes, as well as the health impacts of breast surgery. Prior to starting A Perfect Fit, I became a Certified Breast Prosthetist. I fit breast prosthetics for the first five years of this business.

However, I didn’t have any prior experience as a business owner. So, I took a crash course in Entrepreneurship 101. Which included lots of research, some trial and error and good advice from others. I am also fortunate to have the most amazing support and guidance from my other half, Steve. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and was my first behind the counter employee.

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Facing The Challenges

The most challenging part of this business is helping women understand that bras have a useful life for only about nine months to a year, depending on breast size. The bra they have worn for years may still look good in the drawer. But it may not be the most flattering on them. The bra has stretched, fabrics and shape have deteriorated and their bodies may have changed. The second biggest challenge is helping women understand and accept their true size. Our bra size is a fluid thing that is a part of our health journey.

For All Women

A Perfect Fit gal wants to be more comfortable and look her best, no matter what she is wearing or doing. She is ready to buy better quality items for herself that won’t break the bank. She may be starting a new job, making a career change, getting married, going off to college or is an at-home mom. She may be pregnant and in need of a size change or nursing bras. She may be starting a new exercise program. She may have worn the same bra size for years and recently can’t find anything that works as her body changes. She may have back pain or recently had breast surgery. She may have just started middle school or high school. She may be on the other side of childbirth and ready for some well-earned me-time. 

At A Perfect Fit Bra Boutique, our focus will always be to make bra shopping a positive, successful and frustration-free experience. We teach women that personalized, professional bra fittings are easier, have greater success and are more time efficient. 

A Perfect Fit Bra Boutique

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