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Business Spotlight :: Wizer Productions

an exciting wizer-created event

Wizer Productions is an event production and entertainment company serving Maryland and surrounding states. When Bill Izer started the company 35 years ago, he specialized in weddings. While the company continues to focus on producing high-quality weddings, they now include a corporate division, providing professional sound, presentation projection, lighting, staging and décor for conferences and company events.

How did you decide on Wizer as your business name?

Wizer Productions has a multi-pronged meaning. Wizer is a combination of our last name (Izer) while continuing to recognize where it all began (using the first letter of Bill’s first name, William). Plus, we love that Wizer is a play on the word “wiser,” meaning we are the wiser choice for our clients!

What makes Wizer stand out?

Our focus in every event, above all other things, is our client.  We take the time to get to know each and every one of our clients and find out what THEY want; becoming their partner in executing a plan flawlessly.  We pride ourselves on being a vast resource for them, guiding them in their decision-making and helping them be the ultimate rockstar of their event.

What is a typical day like at Wizer?

There is no typical day in this business. We are a family-owned business at our core, but we have an extensive team of partners that we work with to pull everything together.  There is always something that needs to be done, whether the Wizer crew is organizing the warehouse after a big event, loading vehicles for one that is coming up, fielding calls from excited brides-to-be or corporate event planners, conducting walk-throughs of venues while planning out a 3-day conference, or putting together timelines, playlists and presentations,  or simply doing the accounting (yep, we have to get that done, too).

How did you get the background and skills necessary to run this type of business?

Bill has been working in the industry for 35 years. Nothing speaks more loudly than hands-on experience and continuing to learn and grow with emerging technology.

What is it like to work for Wizer?

We like to think it’s fun! But we know it can be crazy at times, keeping all of the balls in the air with our ever-expanding calendar while remaining focused on quality, personalized experiences for our clients.

How does the economic environment in Frederick impact your business?

These days a lot of people feel like there’s a lot of competition regardless of the industry you’re in. Our company has been in Frederick for a long time and we’ve grown to know a wide range of people. Taking a collaborative approach to business is what we love. We never look at it as “us versus them.” There is enough business for everyone and every business has a unique personality that is a perfect fit for someone. We love to work with other DJs and production companies on projects.

A wedding event created by Wizer
Photo by Urban Row photography

What is the best part about what you do? Most Challenging?

The best part about what we do is making someone happy. We all know what it’s like to feel like someone has your back, and we strive to be that for our clients. We know when we are doing our job well when a bride calls us to thank us, or a company asks us back for the next event. Our marketing comes primarily from word of mouth referrals and there is no better joy than that!

The most challenging part is probably the pressure we put on ourselves to make every event perfect. We could probably use a little lesson in ____??

Where do you see Wizer in the next year? In the next five years?

The changes we see over the next year and beyond are the changing technologies. Things are moving at the speed of light and we know there is no end to that anytime soon. We know our equipment will continue to change and we’ll do what we’ve always done — keep up!

Can you describe your customers? 

Our clients are those people looking to create an amazing event. Whether it’s their wedding day, a company picnic, 5K, or week-long corporate event, our client wants their event to be the BEST and wants to lean on a partner with the experience to help them pull it off flawlessly.

an event by Wizer
Photo by Urban Row photography

What is the single most critical talent you possess in your role as a business owner?

Our love of people. It might not seem like a talent, but we truly look for people to be a part of the Wizer team that have that quality. We believe that the day-to-day skills can be taught, but loving people and knowing how to focus on others and help them achieve their goals is something you can’t teach.

When you’re not running your business, what are you doing?

We are always running our business! Ha! But, we do try to squeeze in a few adventures here and there, whether it’s exploring a new-to-us city and checking out all the unique places to eat, or simply spending time with friends.

What matters most to you in your business?

Professionalism, honesty, and respect toward our clients and each other.


All photos are from Urban Row Photography.


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