Thanks for your interest in being a contributor for Sass Magazine’s website. We love working with writers from all over and have a few guidelines here to help streamline the article submission process.

Who We Are

Sass is a women’s professional and lifestyle magazine, with additional relevant content in the areas of style, wellness, relationships, travel, and home life. We strive to keep our web articles as engaging and relevant as our print articles, which means we’re constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas, unique perspectives, and thought-provoking topics.

What We Do & Don’t Do

Sass is not a blog, therefore we prefer not to publish personal stories. Rather, we look for informative, witty, and educational posts full of evergreen content that can remain relevant to our community through time. If you have some expert advice to offer, insight into something you see going on in the world, tips about juggling a woman’s many roles, or perhaps some ideas about trends in home and fashion, then we’d love for you to become a contributor for Sass Magazine!

Please note that we will not publish purely self-promotional articles, content that promotes businesses you own, or businesses that have hired you to write about them. We never want to come across as ‘spammy’ to our readers! If your guest post meets our criteria for publication, we will include your relevant business link in your author bio page but not in the body of the article itself.

Contributor Submission Process

Ready to contribute? Great! Fill out this form and include a few topic ideas you have. Or if you can tell us about your areas of interest and expertise, we may be able to guide you to topics that we’re currently working on sourcing. We would prefer contributors who can commit to submitting 3-5 articles over a 6-month time span, rather than just a single article. Do not ask for link insertions, and do not pitch topics that have nothing to do with our audience. Sass readers don’t have time for that, and neither do we!


All article submissions must:

  • be uniquely written for
  • not include any business or promotional links unless they are part of a paid sponsored article (all links will be removed unless previously approved by a Sass editor)

Sass may edit your submission as necessary at our sole discretion per our editorial standards.

Article Prep

We’ll be able to get your article approved and published more quickly if it follows these guidelines. Please make sure that your article is:

  • written in the second or third person
  • 800-1200 words in length
  • sent to info@sassmagazine as a Google Doc or attached as a .doc or .docx.
  • complete with your writer bio (see below), unless previously submitted

All writer bios must:

  • include the author’s first and last name
  • include a 2-3 sentence author bio (unless previously sent)
  • include an author headshot, separately attached to the email as an image file (unless previously sent)
  • include your social media links and/or website link

To pitch an article, fill out the form at the bottom on the page.
Questions about article pitches should be sent to

How it works

Web contributors are not employees of Sass Magazine and do not receive compensation for submissions. You may choose to pitch articles ideas, or we can provide article ideas to you. We ask that all submissions be proofread and edited for spelling and fact-checking before they are submitted. We reserve the right to edit articles as needed to fit our brand voice or for SEO purposes.

Why should I write for

Sass Magazine provides a large, diverse audience of women for you to share your ideas and advice. All web articles are posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You may use your personal social media and website to promote any of your Sass Magazine articles and to build a fan base and readership within the Sass Magazine community. All writers are given their own contributor page, which includes a bio, photo, website link, and social media links. Additionally, if a web writer has submitted several high-quality articles, we may then invite you to become a paid guest writer for our print editions.

How often can I submit?

You may choose to submit one time, or multiple times! We do not hold our web writers to a specific number of posts, though we do love when writers contribute on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. We keep a flexible editorial calendar and are understanding when life circumstances get in the way of meeting deadlines.

Pitch us your idea here: