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Angela Williams

Angela Williams (aka Angela Motivates) is the founder of the Faith Academy and owner of Angela Williams Global. She’s a transformation coach, Faith mentor, and an Amazon bestselling author of two books (B.O.S.S. Up Mindset Journal and B.O.S.S. Up Prayer Activations). She has a M.S. Degree in Psychology and a C.P.C. certification in coaching. With her desire to help women all over the globe she created a signature course entitled “Master Your Mountains”. It’s a 6-week transformation course that focuses on the root cause of self-sabotage. Using faith-based principles, Angela has helped women of faith make the connection and conquer their limiting beliefs. When she’s not working, you can find her relaxing, reading a good book, or simply enjoying her friends and family.

Instagram: @angelamotivates

Twitter: @angelamotiv8

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