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Jenn Masse

Jenn Masse is a Certified Mindset and Empowerment Coach and Owner of Conshy Coaching.

Jenn is passionate about partnering with and empowering womxn to reclaim their energy and unleash their inner power so that they can become confident leaders of their own lives. She does this through her coaching practice, podcast, public speaking engagements, leadership development trainings, and more.

Jenn spent over a decade working her way up the corporate ladder and understands burnout firsthand. She understands what it’s like to “live someone else’s life and dreams,” which is why she is passionate about helping womxn own their worthiness and become fearlessly authentic in everything they do.

Through the power of coaching and deep exploration, Jenn’s clients are empowered to rediscover and re-prioritize who they are and what brings them joy so that they can live life on purpose.



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