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COVID-19 Is An Invitation For Healthy Relationships

The consistent negative emotions we’re experiencing in our current circumstances are making us feel more disconnected than we’ve ever been. However, right now, we have a unique opportunity to establish, develop and fight for healthy relationships in a way that we’ve never been able to before.

All of the emotions that come from social distancing and being isolated at home can and should be dealt with through the support of other people; not apart from them. I know that you’re probably wondering, “How?”, so let me tell you!

Build Healthy Relationships By Being Authentic

This moment in time is actually perfect for getting to know people in general. There is an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with people in your inner circle. As well, mending relationships that you’ve wanted to restore for quite some time is not far off.

Whether your schedule is just as full or it’s become a lot more flexible since this pandemic started, it’s highly likely that you are around your family for longer periods of time than you’ve ever been.

Of course, it’s incredibly important to set healthy relationship boundaries. You need alone and down time. It’s also a wonderful chance to truly connect with the people in your life in ways that you’ve never been able to before.

Oftentimes, we get so focused on our careers and what we have to do that we lose sight of the reasons why we’re chasing after making money in the first place. Isn’t it to be able to spend more time with those we love the most in intentional, heart-connecting ways

Before things radically shifted in our world, I know that I was often driven by my calendar. I allowed it to dictate my freedom and relationships versus the other way around. 

What if this really is a blessing in disguise? 

What if it’s the opportunity you’ve been looking for – to truly and authentically connect with people? 

Use Feelings of Uncertainty in a Relationship as Fuel

Loneliness and depression rates are skyrocketing. Not because we have more time on our hands. They’re increasing because we’ve gotten used to isolation in our society and we’re struggling in silence. 

I believe one of the biggest lies that a lot of us are believing right now is that we are alone in our feelings and circumstances. When we believe a lie like this, we don’t ask for help. We remove ourselves from the one thing that we need to experience joy in our daily circumstances. Having healthy relationships where you feel known, heard, understood, and accepted just as you are.

It may seem like a lot of work. Reaching out to others to discuss how you’re feeling and to see how they are. What if you used those feelings of uncertainty as fuel and just reached out?

Sometimes it seems scary to have that conversation you’ve been wanting or needing to have with your family member or friend.

It may feel like too much work to reach out to your neighbor or coworker to see if they need anything. 

Or maybe you feel justified not contacting your friend because they stopped talking to you. So why should you be the one to say something first?

The truth is, we grow in maturity and become healthier when we’re willing to push selfishness to the side. When we step over fear and love someone in the way that we desire to be loved…no matter how big or small the action, it counts. 

Set Aside Time to Define your Ideal Relationship and Expect the Unexpected

Ask yourself these questions: 

What could one conversation without the distractions of a busy schedule, a time limit, or the background noise of electronics do? 

What could your relationships look like?

Set aside some time to think about the type of relationships you want to have in your life. Consider the person you want to be in those relationships. 

This isn’t an exercise to make you feel bad about yourself. It’s a chance to figure out who you really want to be and how you want to show up with people

It’s important to identify how you’d like to be treated. Then, model your actions after that without expecting people to respond in any particular way. 

I’m not talking about allowing others to walk on you. But when you start to show others love without reservation, you aren’t worried about what they do or don’t do. 

Then, when someone unexpectedly returns the love, you’re pleasantly surprised. Let others surprise you! 

This type of love says, “Yes, I accept you and see you and want to know you, even with all of your quirks.” When you truly love it invites someone to be themselves; it creates trust which births a deep-rooted, healthy connection. 

I hope you have fun loving others today. In doing so, you’ll likely get more out of it than they will! 

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