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Cultivate Inner Awareness To Create Outer Change

internal awareness

Turning on the news never brings up ease or a sense of peace. We all know that our world is constantly being faced with something, but for once, I am seeing hope for people and the possibility for unity. This statement may bring up different emotions for you. I encourage you to keep reading with an open mind and an open heart. By no means is this an easy time. This is a worthy time that is bound to bring on an exponential amount of change if we allow it. The key to this change is inner awareness.

An inner change within ourselves as individuals can bring forth an outer impact on our society. How, exactly? Through inner awareness. 

internal awareness

Awareness brings understanding for both ourselves individually and others. As I look around at our society, I bear witness to a missing link- inner knowing. We haven’t ever really been taught to know who we are on the inside. Instead, we’ve been taught how to act, what to say, what to eat, how to look, when to marry, etc. As I type this I realize an even more important piece to the puzzle- accountability of self. This means that we must take it upon ourselves to study who we are. Who are we without the layers of worldly expectations and trauma? Over time, we have allowed external pressures to be placed on top of our souls. No longer can we ignore them. It’s crucial that we heal and not hide. We must show up for ourselves to show up for our neighbors. 

What does inner awareness look like?

  • Confront who you are and feel your feelings freely 
  • Be authentic and remain loyal to oneself 
  • Understand what aligns with you and what doesn’t 
  • See people for people 
  • Become intentional 

What does inner awareness allow for our society?

  • Us to play our part organically 
  • Be examples of full self embodity 
  • Live out our purpose 
  • Give others the okay to be vulnerable and courageous 
internal awareness

How can we each begin to look within ourselves? 


Sit with yourself and think back to your childhood. 

Take notice of all the things you’ve been through, how your parents raised you, your friendships. Tap into your younger years and see how you’ve evolved. What have you grown from? Are there things you have ignored and suppressed? What have you held onto? 

Sit with yourself and look at the world around you. What emotions come up? If you take yourself out of it, what do you see? Are you willing to evaluate from a place that sees people for people? Do you want to be seen and heard? Are you seeing others and hearing others? How are you wanting to be treated? Does that align with how you treat yourself? How do you treat others? 

Continuously ask yourself questions. 


You can find prompts on Pinterest, but I encourage you to write. Just start writing and keep on writing. Clear your mind and allow for space. Give yourself permission to be vulnerable, real, raw, and honest with yourself. Connect to every side of yourself- the light and dark times. They are all worthy of your attention. 

internal awareness

Practice grounding activities 

It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the world through news, media, and societal expectations. We can take on fears, doubts, and anxieties. With that, it’s important we get grounded and connected to our core so we can live a thriving life. We can be souls!

Unpack triggering moments 

Whenever you find yourself triggered, understand that you are not crazy or backtracking from your healing. Instead, this is an uncomfortable moment for you to know yourself on a deeper level. When we can know ourselves wholeheartedly and have our own strength, nothing can stop us. It’s so powerful to be aligned in our mind, body, and spirit. 

internal awareness

What do we benefit if we gain the whole world but lose our own soul? 

While this quote comes from the Bible, I believe we can all wrap our heads around this answer and benefit from this reminder. We have to give ourselves the power and hold ourselves accountable. We need not control anyone but ourselves, for action speaks volumes. If I am hurting and I start saying all kinds of things to the person who hurt me, I’m not exactly sure my point will come across. While my pain is valid, I know that I must spend time with myself to feel, move through, and become empowered through my emotions. This time within gives me the courage to be vulnerable and speak from truth without the message getting lost. 

What can happen when we don’t tap in? 

  • Our emotions can control us, rather than allowing us to grow 
  • We can act out of alignment, leaving us always searching to fill a void 
  • We can perceive the world as being out to get us versus us being divinely appointed 

I hope this article has inspired you to take time to yourself, evaluate within, and then look around. I firmly believe we all have the power to make change in this world, but we have to change ourselves for our true power to shine. While in the midst of seeking to make an impact in our world, we must keep our minds right and spirit tight to not lose who we are. Let’s be souls and remove the robotic semantics that have not served us.


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