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Double Your Productivity in Just 5 Minutes a Day

productivity tips and working from home

Quarantine blues got you low? Working at home has its perks, sure! But there are many downsides. Low energy and low motivation are big problems away from the office. (We all need some productivity tips because staying productive in pajama pants is a bigger challenge than we thought!)

It’s time to get your grind back, queen! Try these daily productivity tips for slaying your schedule. Don’t work harder – work smarter! 

Set Clear Goals

The most productive work days start with a clear vision of success. Take a few minutes to map out your weekly goals. Review those goals at the beginning of your workday. You’ll be surprised by how focused you’ll feel! 

Clarity makes all the difference in your productivity. Stay clear on your goals! 

meditation for productivity and calmness


Meditation opens the intuition and centers the mind. Think of it as exercise for your brain! A healthy mind is focused and solves problems easily. 

There are many quick and easy ways to meditate. If you like to write, try mindset journaling. Crystals, incense, and high vibration music are good options for spiritual ladies. Prayer and gratitude are also great forms of meditation. 

Do what works for you. A few minutes of brain-exercise each day is all you need! 

Identify Deep Work Tasks

We are all familiar with busywork — answering emails, filing paperwork, etc. But how often do we discuss deep work? 

Deep work tasks require our full attention. Writing, creating, designing, pitching, filming, and developing are good examples. Deep work tasks are the most important part of any job. Yet, they are the tasks we most often procrastinate! 

Take a look at your to-do list. Identify the deep work tasks on your docket. Then, block out big chunks of time for deep work. 

When you put away all other distractions, you will do your very best work. Get ready to smash that presentation!  

Set a Timer

Go through your to-do list and identify how much time you need for each task. Let’s say you need 15 minutes for email. Set your timer and only do email related tasks! No stopping early, and no checking social media. 

The same goes for deep work. Timing yourself will hold you accountable to putting in the hours where it counts. You can give your undivided attention to your most important projects. 

Setting a timer is a great strategy for increasing your daily productivity! 

Take Stretch Breaks

Your brain needs oxygen to fire on all cylinders. It’s not going to get that oxygen from sitting around all day! 

Every hour or so, get up and move around. Do some deep stretches or dance it out to your favorite song. Increasing your blood and oxygen flow energizes the brain. You’ll conquer your to-do list in no time! 

to do list and done list for productivity

Ditch the To-Do List for a Done List

Speaking of to-do lists, here’s a fresh idea! Make a “done” list, instead! 

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by a long task list. Feelings of overwhelm actually decrease productivity. How can a “done” list help with this?

When you complete a task, write it down on your done list. It can be something as simple as returning a call. Writing down your accomplishments boosts productivity and energy. Don’t be surprised if you get a little serotonin rush as you watch your list grow! 

A done list is like a snowball of productivity. The more tasks you complete, the more your motivation grows! 

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