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Keeping It Light and Meaningful with DEI Reads


Creating an inclusive culture in today’s world is a conversation that looks different everywhere. But thankfully many businesses are increasing their efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. 

We’ve got some book recommendations for you to spark creative and necessary conversations while also increasing your effectiveness as a leader! Consider this a list of easy-going, yet compelling books that embrace black, brown, LGBTQR, and disabled voices. 

Books on Black and Brown Voices

Including an Active Ally 

Although we may not all admit to it, bias still lingers in the workplace. In the effort to be effective leaders, we should be coming together to champion the success of women of color. Minda Hart’s book, The Memo is a great place to start the conversation on how to employ women of color and consider them as active allies. 

Books on a Combination of Voices 

Keeping Microaggression at Bay 

There may be some bumps along the road when it comes to embracing our differences. These indirect expressions of differences are referred to as microaggression. Tiffany Jaran and Michael Barran co-author Subtle Acts of Exclusion, which explains how to identify microaggressions. They also offers solutions for what to do if you witness or experience microaggressions. We want to keep it inclusive, not aggressive! 

Books on The LGBTQIA Community

Expansion of Inclusion and Equality 

Nobody deserves to be marginalized by their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. And equality is good not only for personal growth, but for business and the economy as well. If we all hurt each other, then essentially, we hurt the economy in the long run. In The Economic Case for LGBT Equality, M.V. Lee Badget explains why fairness truly benefits everyone. 


Books on the Disabled and Resilient 

Ever wonder how individuals with disabilities see themselves? If so, check out Able by Australian Paralympic Gold Medalist Dylan Alcott. In this book, Alcott discusses how he stays positive. It’s also sure to make you think twice about the abilities of those with a disability. Prepare to be inspired. 

General Books to Increase the Efforts of the Effective Leader on DEI

Leadership expert, Mike Robbins offers techniques to create a trusting company culture in his book We’re All in This Together. He provides evidence-based insight to boost workplace productivity and explains how leaders can break the silence when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

For a list of other DEI friendly books, we recommend you check out this article  from Business Insider.

DEI book recommendations

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