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10 Ways To Upgrade Your Desk Space

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An uninspiring desk space is not conducive to establishing a workspace where productivity and creativity flow. It doesn’t take much to turn your drab office space into a place that you can enjoy spending time in. These office gadgets get the creative juices flowing while also warding off boredom. Here are 10 cool (and functional!) office gadgets for your workspace:

Three Dimensional Wooden Puzzles

Wooden puzzles are cool office gadgets that can be a great addition to any desk. Puzzles are ideal for an office desk because solving puzzles increases the amount of dopamine in the body which improves memory and contributes to quality brain function. Wooden puzzles and other fun puzzle games for adults are a great way of stimulating the brain throughout the day. These items are lightweight and also serve as a decorative feature.

Kinetic Toys

When you’re having a stressful day this item will assist in calming your nerves and keeping you centered. These toys are perfect if you are a physics geek who understands how these items work. These toys include everything from the traditional pendulum to the newer pocket-sized spinning kinetic products.

Plants and Succulents

Plants can be extremely beneficial to have in a workspace. Not only are they pleasant to look at, they also decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which lowers stress. Fortunately, plants are available in many different prices, shapes and sizes so you should be able to find one that fits the space that you have available and your aesthetic needs.

office gadget balance ball

Balance Ball Chairs

Sitting at a desk all day can have a negative impact on your posture and overall health. A balance ball chair is an ideal solution for this problem because it offers ergonomic support. In addition, these chairs encourage micromovement which keeps the mind and the body engaged and alert.

Portable Speakers

If you are a music lover, portable speakers are an ideal addition to your office desk. Listening to music while you work or while taking a break can increase productivity while also creating a certain atmosphere that will assist you during your workday. Portable speakers come in different colors and styles. In addition, the sound quality and price of speakers differ greatly.

Brain Teasers

If you want to remain mentally aware and alert you must practice your brain. Brain teasers are an excellent tool to use at your desk. Teasers include things like logic games, riddles, and word games. Brain teasers exercise the brain in ways that promote good cognitive function, increase critical thinking skills and improve memory. Each of these benefits is needed in any work environment.

Foot Hammock

Having the ability to elevate your feet during the workday is good for your physical and mental health. Foot hammocks can be attached to your desk to allow you to elevate your feet while sitting in an office chair. The benefits of sitting with elevated feet include increased circulation, relief of tired or sore muscles, and the reduction of stress on the nervous system.

Keyboard and Desk Vacuums

Keeping your workspace tidy is important and will help you to be more productive and relaxed. Keyboard and desk vacuums are small tools that can be used to remove dirt, dust, and crumbs from your keyboard or desk. Several different types of vacuums are available on the market including some that are powered by a computer’s USB port.

Mini Fridge

Having a small refrigerator at your disposable guarantees that no one steals your lunch again. Mini fridges come in many different sizes and can be discreetly placed beneath your desk. Having a small refrigerator will also enable you to have access to healthier foods and avoid purchasing unhealthy packaged foods from vending machines.

Clip-on Cupholder

If you enjoy a cup of coffee or a soft drink while you work, you might consider purchasing a clip-on cupholder for your desk. These cup holders are great for your office desk because they free up space. In addition, the cupholders reduce the likelihood of spilling a beverage on your keyboard or important papers.

As you can see, there are several really cool office gadgets to put on your desk. Many of these items are designed to reduce stress while also increasing productivity. These gadgets are also designed to encourage creativity and critical thinking. Overall, these cool gadgets will assist in creating a workspace that is vibrant and appealing.

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