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DIY Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas

diy christmas gift wrap

It’s that time of year—holiday shopping madness is well underway! As you’re shopping for the perfect sassy gifts for your family, friends, and loved ones (be sure to check out our gift guides!) remember, presentation is everything! Here are some festively creative, sure-to-stand-out (not to mention a few easy upcycleable) gift wrapping ideas we’ve compiled to inspire you!

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1. Bring the Outside In:

gift wrapping ideas

Just add a splash of the outdoors by clipping a piece of pine, holly, or even rosemary and affixing it to the front of your gift. These gift wrapping ideas work great with plain kraft paper from the hardware store, or plain white butcher paper.

2. Chalkboard Wrap:

gift wrapping ideas

Grab some plain black craft paper and a piece of chalk or a chalk marker (for the less messy option!), and start scribbling away. Decorate your packages with names, festive sayings, or holiday doodles.

3. Wrap it Up:

gift wrapping ideas

Have a bunch of old sweaters laying around (if not, just make a quick trip to Goodwill) and turn those suckers into festive gift wrapping. Sweater wraps work great on wine bottles and packages too. Add a simple bow and you’ve got a truly warm and unique gift!

4. Photograph It:

gift wrapping ideas

Who needs labels, anyway? Simply add a photo of the recipient to the front of the gift and you’ve got a great, personal gift already. Black and white photos against kraft paper will give a nice rustic look, but color photos will work great too!

5. Use the Scraps:

gift wrapping ideas

Have some end-of-the-roll scraps? Go ahead and use those too! Simply wrap remnant scraps around kraft or white paper and you’ve got a great, fun, pop of color. You can even use remnant scraps of fabric from old clothes, tea towels, or bags!

6. Black, White and Read All Over:

Old black and white newspapers, or even old vintage books or maps shine in this gift wrapping idea! Add a dash of green or red, plus a nametag, and you’ve got a quick, festive gift!

gift wrapping ideas
gift wrapping ideas

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