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5 Perks You’ll Enjoy When Donating To Charity

As women of today increasingly take on the role of primary breadwinners in their households, they hold power to decide where their money is spent. And more importantly, which causes they invest their money in. Women in philanthropy have the potential to solve many issues faced in our community. Yet, although we all know the value of generosity, we may need more convincing before parting with our hard-earned dollars. With this in mind, here are five reasons to consider donating to charitable causes.

Donating Makes Us Happier

According to many studies, giving puts us in an overall happier mood. A study done by researchers in 2008 found that people were more content after spending money on others rather than themselves. A group of people assigned to spend only $5 on someone else proved to be happier afterward than those assigned to spend $20 on themselves. These findings go to show that charitable giving doesn’t require a huge donation to make us feel better about ourselves and the world around us.

Giving Raises Awareness for Causes You’re Passionate About

Through donating, we have the opportunity to promote activities, topics, careers, etc. in which we’re passionate. In turn, we allow others to engage in the same valuable experiences that have impacted us significantly.


This article is sponsored by the Unity Campaign.


For example, contributing to career training in your field, education, or the arts; each makes a difference in the lives of others. Even giving to causes that you, your family, and friends have been personally affected by such as cancer and other diseases give similar families a glimmer of hope. Giving to causes we genuinely care about makes that giving far more rewarding. Think of it as a tribute to the things we enjoy and those we love. 

Your Community Will Benefit From Donations

Whether we’re able to see change physically or not, our dollars do create an impact on our community. Merely giving to organizations that give people hope is enough to change the mentality of an entire city. Not to mention, when we address poverty, we can stimulate the economy and environment around us, creating a better outcome for everyone. Through giving, we can work towards our dream of a safe, healthy, and educated community.

Donating Connects You To A Community

The common saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” holds in the world of nonprofit organizations. Many organizations work together to reach a common goal and solve the most pressing problems. On a lower level, individuals like you do their part through donating their time and money. Volunteering provides an opportunity to engage with different members of our community who are also interested in giving back as well. You can form meaningful connections and relationships with people you wouldn’t meet otherwise.

Giving Money Gives You Perspective

Helping others in need can show us that our circumstances could always be worse. Therefore, we should be grateful and value what we have. Realizing the simple joys of life in which we’ve been blessed with can give you an overall more positive outlook on life itself. Besides, life’s unpredictability has the power to land us in a similar situation one day. We would want others to lend us a helping hand the same way we have the ability to for others now.

Some of us are fortunate enough to have the financial means to give back, but money isn’t always necessary is creating a lasting impact. We are all gifted with time, in which we can spend volunteering and taking action to build a more positive world. As much as giving benefits to others, it also subtly has a more significant impact on us!


This post is sponsored by the Unity Campaign. The Unity Campaign supports the more than one in three households in Frederick County, MD, that struggle to afford basic human necessities. This collaboration among nonprofit partners, incentive sponsors and the greater Frederick community supports our most vulnerable neighbors during 12 days of giving from September 11 through September 22, 2019. Powered by the United Way of Frederick County, the Unity Campaign donor gives to the nonprofit organization of their choice, and 100% of that donation goes to the selected charity.

To meet the nonprofit partners and hear their pitches at our “speed dating” event, attend the Campaign Kick Off on Monday, September 9th from 5-7pm at the ARC on Market. Tickets are $15 and include first drink and light refreshments. Tickets available at

For more information on the Campaign and to donate, visit

by Kayla Nazaire

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