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Embracing the Spirit of Hygge

hygge, spirit of hygge

If you love curling up in cozy atmospheres or finding joy over small things, you’re on your way to being a hygge expert! Hygge is a Danish word to describe or acknowledge moments and feelings as special or charming. In case you were wondering, it is pronounced hue-guh — like this!

How to embrace hygge

Create cozy spots in your home, enjoy a comforting meal or indulge in life’s little pleasures. It’s about being present, connecting with yourself and others and taking the time to acknowledge things that give you joy. We embraced the spirit in our Winter 2017-18 issue of Sass Magazine, which you can read here.

One of our favorite things is that it’s more about a feeling than it is about tangible items. You don’t have to purchase twinkle lights or cozy pajamas. In fact, all you really need to do is adjust your attitude! Look for things that bring you joy, such as the way natural light fills your home in the morning or the smell of your favorite coffee shop. Hygge is also about connecting with others. Plan a game night with friends or go for an evening stroll with your loved one. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, you can experience hygge anywhere!

Hygge resources

Want to gain a deeper understanding? There are several books on the topic, such as The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living  by Meik Wiking or The Book of Hygge: The Danish Art of Contentment, Comfort, and Connection by Louisa Thomsen Brits.

If a book sounds too daunting, check out this article from The New Yorker, which informs that it “can be used as a noun, adjective, verb, or compound noun, like hyggebukser, otherwise known as that shlubby pair of pants you would never wear in public but secretly treasure. [It] can be found in a bakery and in the dry heat of a sauna in winter, surrounded by your naked neighbors. It’s wholesome and nourishing, like porridge; Danish doctors recommend “tea and hygge” as a cure for the common cold. It’s possible to hygge alone, wrapped in a flannel blanket with a cup of tea, but the true expression is joining with loved ones in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere.”


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