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Travel Fashion: 4 Ways To Rock Comfort And Style

Do you remember those days when traveling offered an excuse to pull out the fancy clothes and special shoes? When planning daily outfits and packing your travel bags was a huge deal? I know it’s hard to imagine such travel fashion now, but there was a time when we all dressed to the nines. No leggings. No sweatshirt. Traveling wasn’t about comfort, it was about social status.

Things may have changed over the years, but I will always remember the pictures from the 1950s and 60s of people traveling in their three piece suits, and dresses with gloves. Sure, it’s not realistic but there is always something to be said for timeless elegance in travel fashion.

Hopping on a plane today is as extravagant an event as getting coffee. Planning your outfit for an extended train ride is about comfort, not standing out in a crowd. But what will you wear when you need to jump straight off the plane and out on the town? How do you make practical and chic choices while still being able to sit through a five hour flight? There are easy ways to dress for comfort and style no matter where your final destination takes you. Stand out on your next flight with the perfect shoe, tote or top piece to your travel fashion. You may be stylishly late, but you’ll still be able to run to your gate before the flight takes off without you!

Luxe in Layers

Travel fashion rule number one is to dress in layers. Update your standard outfit with elevated color stories and patterns to take your look to the next level.

Sexy in Sneakers 

Thank the fashion gods that sneakers are so on trend right now. Don’t be afraid to rock a pair of your fav sneaks with the most feminine of dresses! Bonus tip: Pack a pair of heels in your carry-on for an easy change when you land.

Comfortable Chic

Fabric is key when you’re picking flight outfits. Look for fabrics that are comfortable, breathable and wrinkle resistant for those long trips. Look for denims with stretch and silks that will breathe even if the AC is broken on the flight!

Flatforms Are Your Friend 

Let’s face it, heels are not the most comfortable to wear on a flight, or any occasion really. Flatforms, a thick, flat platform heeled shoe, will be your new best friend while traveling. They give you that sexy edge and height yet remain comfortable enough to walk from terminal to terminal.

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