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Our Favorite Fall Trends

smiling woman with black hat and scarf

Fall is here. Comfy, cozy, breezy, cloudy, colorful Fall. There are certain things that just aren’t as good unless you do them during Fall. Here are some of our favorite Fall trends.

1. Fall fashion

Okay, first of all, of course, we’re obsessed with wearing sweaters, particularly in Autumn. You just can’t get that same level of specific comfort any other time. And you can do some incredible things with color, especially when you go with the universally accentuating smokey eye. The festive season finally makes it more socially acceptable to go crazy with Halloween-themed fashion choices, like spooky hair and nails!

2. Fall walks & hikes

No one can deny the breath-taking beauty of Autumn. Walking through rusty rainbows of leaves, feeling your boots against the cool earth.

  • Bring your favorite hot beverage in an easy-to-carry tumbler
  • Always be sure to layer up so you don’t get distracted by being too cold!
  • Fall is a great time to up your hike game and try something new.

3. Cozy Corner Living

Everybody needs a cozy corner to retreat to. A place that can transport you somewhere peaceful within our (ever increasingly) busy days. Even if you have limited space, a cozy corner is possible to achieve.

  • Comfy seating. If you don’t have space for a big fluffy armchair, you can still create a supremely snuggly experience. With this foldable, storable meditation chair, your cozy corner can be stored and even travel! Of course, no matter what kind of chair you have, you’ll need to deck it out in blankets.
  • Cozy hot beverages. The “cozy” part of this is key. Make sure your set up is convenient and as spill-proof as possible. You could get a hot coffee mug tumbler or a whimsical tray.
    • We love Chamomile, apple and pumpkin-spiced drinks, hot chocolate, and special shout out to hot cider!
  • Bring in some aromatics. You might do some simple DIY and fill glasses with fresh pine sprigs.

4. Fall baking

We can’t get enough of apple everything!

And we’re suckers for pumpkin…

5. Fall drinks

During these blustery months, you can’t go wrong with a piping hot beverage. One of the most classic fall trends there is.

There are so many ways to embrace Fall while it’s here. Even if other things are going on in the world, you can depend on the leaves falling, and a mug of hot tea warming up your hands.

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