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4 Ways to Feel More Comfortable in Your Clothes

This post is sponsored by Amy Lipman, Certified Health Coach


Why is America outgrowing her clothes? If you look around at our culture, you can start to list the culprits. Problems include overindulging during the holidays, increased portion sizes, easy to grab unhealthy fast foods, and addiction to sugary treats. (That’s just naming a few!)

Unhealthy habits in American culture has become the norm. How do we reverse these habits and find a healthier version of ourselves? What would it take for us to feel comfortable in our clothes?

Work with a health coach

Most people rely on their own willpower when beginning a diet. They often stop short when going at it alone. A health coach is your accountability partner. How many times have you started a diet and soon after found yourself rationalizing eating a bagel or donut “just this one time”? A health coach helps you identify your common food pitfalls and teach you strategies for saying no to foods that sabotage your health.  A health coach will also guide you to meet your goals. They help keep your health the priority.

Find your “why”

Why do you want to fit back into your clothes? Why do you want to get healthy? Your motivation will be the energy behind the actions you choose. A health coach will help you find your “why” and help you choose the actions that will get you to your goal. These actions will be part of your new structured plan developed by you and your health coach.

Eat Intentionally

When you eat intentionally, your meals are more likely to be balanced and with the nutrition your body needs.  This brings food choice, food timing and food portion to the front of your brain. This is important because all of a sudden your unhealthy habits are being replaced by healthy habits.

When you eat randomly, the food is more likely to be high calorie; high in carbohydrates and result in your body storing fat. Eating randomly can also result in long periods between meals which cause blood sugars to drop and metabolism to slow down. Eating meals too close together results in blood sugar and glucose levels to spike which encourages fat storage as well. Random eating can leave you feeling sluggish and crummy physically and emotionally.

Eat breakfast

Skipping breakfast can throw off your body’s metabolism of burning fat for energy.  When you wake up, your body is already low in blood sugar from the fast during the night.  If you think you are cutting calories by not eating breakfast, you most likely are not. By lunch your body is starving which can lead to overeating or unhealthy food choices. To keep your blood sugars level, eat a nutritious well balanced breakfast to keep your brain and muscles in the best working order.


Amy Lipman is the founder of Love My Health and a Certified Health Coach who has helped and assisted hundreds of clients achieve health goals they never dreamed possible.  She will inspire you to make your health a priority and guide you to make simple changes for an amazing transformation. You can contact her at

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