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Five Trending DIY Crafts To Make And Sell Online

DIY crafts to make and sell online

Do you like DIY crafts? Well, we indeed do! And the love becomes twice overwhelming when you can also make money out of it. Yes! Your creativity can now help you bring happiness and money both by adding versatility to your passion.

Handmade crafts are so in trend all over social media. Come up with a unique idea, make it attractive for the audience, and your sale will maximize in no time at all. But you might find yourself asking these questions about your potential business:

How is it going to work? 

How to make your crafts memorable? 

How to sell them online? Where to start from? 

Home-based set up with minimal investment has made online businesses a new area of focus. To help you decide better, we have for you homemade craft ideas, easy and quick to make! Have a look through a list of excellent ideas:                            

Traditional Embroidery DIY Crafts 

The traditional art of needlework has been an enduring trend throughout the ages. No matter what year, it inspires generations of all the time. Leather embroidery, t-shirt embroidery, and cushion embellishments are just a few of the ideas for traditional embroidery crafts. While there are several other DIY crafts you can manage to make by utilizing your artistic skills inside.

Hoop Art

Most of us have only seen hoops utilized by women of ancient times. But these are now back in trend with increased functionality. Hoop art is one of the most emerging craft businesses that embroidered work with your favorite quotes or lyrics embossed over it.

DIY crafts hoop art

When hanged in a room, they add a lot more energy and vibe to your place. There is no restriction when it comes to color and designs. Customization makes them more appealing. Moreover, You can learn new patterns through YouTube lectures and DIY videos available around.

Embroidery Bags

Up till now, bags have been distinctive for their color and style alone! But now you can make them additionally unique by adding embroidered art over it.

DIY crafts embroidery bags with flowers on the front of a black canvas bag

Even though the world has become digitized, there still exists a desire to remain connected with historical culture. Your idea of bringing a perfect integration of culture and the modern trend will be very appealing.

Embroidery T-Shirt

Anesthetic wardrobe! Well, who doesn’t want that? According to studies, even when clients come in contact with your product impacts their buying behavior. Therefore, complying with seasonal demand, you can start an online set up for embroidered t-shirts.

DIY crafts embroidery t-shirt with flowers on the pocket

When we talk about embroidery, it doesn’t mean to have a full-fledged pattern and an entire shirt submerged in the thread. Instead, it involves small ways, including quotes, abstract art, or figures, as per your customer’s trend or demand.

DIY Crafts: Canvas Art

If you are starving over ideas, you can utilize the artist inside you to make a living for yourself. The idea of arts not being rewarding is not valid anymore; instead, it’s the most rewarding field in terms of its monetary value. Have a look through ways you can make art unique enough to make an impact.

Acrylic Art

Acrylics never fail to impress! Create impressive art by reflecting your mind onto canvas, and it is sure to make a mark. Whether you are a pro in floral patterns, abstract or figurative paintings, you can make it work as far as you know the usage. Create large scale painting for wall hangings, and people are going to love unique art for adorning purposes.

DIY Printed art crafts

Printed Art

Don’t you know how to paint it? Not a big deal. With astonishing advancements done right, you can now serve people by cutting their time and effort and providing them with customized printed canvas. Demand from them an image of their choice and get them printed on a canvas of their interest. It serves both, serving them effectively and saving some for yourself in turn.

  • Pour Painting

Drizzling paint, how satisfying! No need to have an idea or theme in mind; now, you can create freehand art by just drizzling random colors of paint over canvas and wait for them to give magical results by the end. Adding additional art over it is a subjective choice, but pour paintings are a hit!

DIY pour painting


All sensitive people have heard! Coasters in the market have served as their perfect pick for the protection of furniture. There are multiple types to choose from, but drink coasters are the most prevalent out of all. To your surprise, coasters can now be made out of different materials to add versatility and peculiarity.

  • Wooden Coasters

Wooden coasters have been long in trend. These are the easiest to make. All that’s required is to either paint or use any convenient medium to embellish the surface, and you did it! You can add customized patterns for improved sales.

DIY wooden coasters
  • Resin coasters

Resin is a new improvement, which made people fall for coasters all over again. Being transparent, such coasters give a more realistic and catchy appearance. With consistent progress, you can even create an entire picture summed up in one coaster.

DIY resin coasters
  • Glass Coasters

The mere use of glass makes a coaster sound appealing. You can either let them be minimal or elaborate. The availability of customization in your crafts makes them twice more appealing than other competitors around. Hence, you can provide an opportunity for people to get their acrylic portraits done over them, and your creative idea would not fail to make its mark.

DIY glass coasters

Picture Frames

Even though digital mediums have made it easier to capture and store photos, memories’ longevity and security cannot be guaranteed. There are many instances where people lost their amazing pictures just because they considered digital devices reliable. Your idea to provide them with handcrafted photo frames is going to hit them right!

  • Glass Picture Frame 

To make your business appear different from others, instead of promoting conventional frames available at every second store, come up with a revolutionized idea. You can make glass frames with a printed picture over it. Not only does it provide a modern outlook, but it simultaneously serves its intended purpose as well.

DIY glass picture frame

For further modification, you can get a QR code to a song imprinted on the back. People can get customized frames with a QR code to their favorite song for themselves, or else they can get one made for their friends as well.

  • Wooden Frame

Wooden frames are a legacy in themselves; no comparison with any type, these frames are not beaten in their durability. You can showcase your carving or painting skills in coming up with ideally designed wooden frames. Remember! Always choose to showcase what you originally know instead of duplicating any idea. Your work will speak for itself.   

DIY wooden frame

Party Crafts

Lastly, you can efficiently serve people by helping them with their party decors. Amidst the immense hustle, people always look for someone capable of enhancing and modifying their space in the most appealing manner. You can choose among the following ways to do so:


Handmade planners appeal to all writers out there. The idea of having a diary might seem to have vanished. It has effectively been replaced by planners, which now include many subtypes: Wedding planners, study planners, daily planners, and many more. When introduced with customized stickers and cute packaging, it becomes hard for people like us not to dwell on it.

DIY planners


Fun pictures always remain memorable. You can aim to make events special by letting people have your props. You can cater to many events ranging from birthdays to weddings. If you are quite fond of crafting, it’s a remarkable option to select.

DIY props


Since light festivals are so in demand, making lanterns can effectively help you grow and earn chart paper, wax paper, or any other type except polythene, wire, and a fuel source. Combine all three and your lanterns would be ready to enlighten events, extending from small to large-scale light festivals.

DIY lanterns

These lanterns can also be customized by initially customizing paper with names or logos printed over it. Customization enhances a customer’s morale and trust since it opens up a door to get a product of their choice.

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