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Five Ways to Help Female Entrepreneurs Rise Together

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Entrepreneurship can be tough, especially when you are doing it alone. You might find it hard to even consider creating a business name. Putting in the work hours itself can be an overwhelming concept when you’re starting from scratch. And fighting out how to even run a business? Girl, the path to joining your idolized female entrepreneurs can grow longer and longer before your very eyes. You can easily end up feeling isolated.

Everything is so much better when done together, so why should creating and maintaining a business be any different? 

Here is a list of five ways we can rise together. Let’s create the empires we wish to build for ourselves.

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Form a mentoring group for female entrepreneurs

Create a space for females to attend, either virtually or in-person. This can be a great way to meet with fellow female entrepreneurs. Foster intentional and open conversations about entrepreneurial processes. Up-and-coming entrepreneurs can get information from others who have completed the process successfully. 

Discussions can be a variety of formats. They can be monthly check-ins or handouts and worksheets. Whatever you feel is a great way to get others inspired.

You may meet someone in need of a skill you have an expertise in and likewise; they may have a skill set you need help with. Working together is a very community-based way to success. It gives each female the platform to share their comments and concerns about entrepreneurship. 

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Write an ebook with helpful tips for female entrepreneurs

Ebooks are a great way to get your perspective out there for other female business owners and offer your expertise. If you have a great set of skills, then sharing is a perfect way to help others.

You should never feel like you are giving away any secrets to others. Ultimately, growing as a society of female entrepreneurs is a greater benefit than one person succeeding. So share away!

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Create a virtual webinar

Perhaps the information you wish to provide fellow females is most step-intensive or can be easier explained via video. Create a webinar to share with others. This can help create a visual explanation of a certain task. Talk about filing for an LLC, or creating your first website. Think about subjects that will translate better in a video.

You are offering important information. As a woman of any experience, you can help anyone in need of some help or a jumpstart. Why not give it away to as many ladies as possible?

Visit colleges as a speaker

You can start at your community college or four-year college or the local university. Speak with budding female entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business. Attendees do not need to be solely college-aged.

Creating a series of speaking engagements at local colleges can be a great way to get potential entrepreneurs inspired. You can create a kinship among a group of future entrepreneurs working together to learn how to succeed.

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What can you do if you do not have a way to offer any of the above? Just listen. Perhaps you have a friend stumped by how to pick the perfect website URL. Maybe they don’t know how to set up their online marketplace. Or, even more personal. such as feeling burnt out in their work. This is a great opportunity to just listen.

Maybe you do not have all the answers, but you can help them research. If you do have the answers, then listen to their concerns. Leading can be the ultimate gift you can give to an aspiring female entrepreneur.

Creating a space for growth for female entrepreneurs can only help us all rise. You do not need to go much farther than your community. Begin to plant the seeds for yourself and future female entrepreneurs.

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