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Girl’s Guide to Personal Assistant Services

personal assistant

Not having enough time in the day seems to be a common ailment. From friends to co-workers to the woman standing behind you in the check-out line, everyone is suffering from not having time to do what they want to do. It’s always because our work hours are too long, or we have housework and car servicing and errands to run. At the end of the day, we crumple into our couches and get what little rest we can before it starts all over. All this is in spite of the endless possibilities we have in our very palms – it’s so easy and convenient to hire a personal assistant right on your smartphone, it could be the answer.

Have you wondered what it might be like to have an assistant? Starting at just $25/hour, it can easily be more than just a daydream. Just imagine what you could do if you didn’t have to spend two hours grocery shopping after work, getting home just in time to skip dinner and go to sleep? You might not have to skip dinner anymore. A personal assistant can help you fit things into your schedule that, right now, you just don’t have the time to even fathom.

personal assistants are hirable on your smartphone!

Who is Personal Assistance for?

A personal assistant or concierge is for anyone who wants more time in their day. Are you a single parent? Or are you juggling multiple jobs and other responsibilities? Are you a busy professional?

What if you don’t drive? A personal assistant can drive you, or they can drive around completing your tasks for you while you do other things.

Would you rather stay at home than have to go out into the bustling world? If there’s something you gotta do, just send your personal assistant! 

personal assistant

What does a Personal Assistant do?

Whenever you can’t be somewhere, your assistant can be there for you. Held up at the airport? Work hours keep you from taking your pet to the vet? You’d rather go see your friends during your valuable free time than get your stained carpet cleaned? These situations are easy to navigate with an assistant. Depending on the type of service you hire, a personal assistant can do just about anything.

Once you’ve decided you want a personal assistant, it’s time to ask some questions about finding the right service.


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What you need to know when looking for a service

Insurance. Make sure the service is bonded, insured and licensed. This ensures that the assistant you’re choosing has a clean background, is reliable, and is honest.

Rates. Typical rates for a concierge range from $25 – $125 per hour. With this scale in mind, you can figure out what price is right for you based on what they offer.

What is the right personal assistant service for my needs?

To determine what kinds of needs you’d like met, make a list of the things you need to get done but would rather not do. Start with whatever comes off the top of your head, then give yourself a week to add to it as tasks come up. This is a great starting point for you to reference as you search for personal assistant services.

Another option is to make your list and then hire an assistant and see how it goes. At only $25/hour, it’s a budget-friendly learning opportunity from which you can revise your needs, and you’ll have that many more tasks you can cross off your to-do list.

personal assistant

Understanding available services

A personal assistant might have a certain service they perform, such as transportation or pet/house sitting services. Others are available for more things like errands, shopping, events, business, and travel. There are professional assistant services for short-term, recurring, and long-term projects. After researching and deciding on a service you’d like to contact, make sure you have questions prepared about what you’re looking for so you know what you’re buying.

What obstacle is bigger than a lack of time in a person’s life? If you can create more time, you can do anything. Make it a priority to get more out of your life and try out a personal assistant!


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