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Girl’s Guide to Spin Class

spin class spinning

Looking for something different to your fitness routine? Want to engage in not only a workout, but an experience, one you can’t find in your average gym? Brett and Christina Kraimer, owners of CycleFit in downtown Frederick, share their expert insight into this popular method of exercise.

What is a Spin Class?

Spin class is cycling on a stationary bike. Instead of gears on the bike, there’s a resistance knob to change how easy or hard it is to pedal. During the class you will do a variety of “moves” on the bike. In addition to hills and intervals, you will be introduced to an new vocabulary describing spin class techniques: tap backs, drops, jumps, hovers, bootie taps, and power. You may even grab light dumbbells for upper body strength work; all while on the bike.

What do I Wear or Bring?

Dress to sweat! We recommend form fitting pants or shorts and a breathable tank or tee, all moisture wicking material preferable. Padded shorts/padded seats are not necessary, but you are welcome to bring them if you prefer them. We believe cycling shoes are essential to achieving the maximum results from each workout, so all our classes include complimentary cycling shoes, but some studies charge a rental fee. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle!

How Many Calories will I Burn?

This will depend on a variety of factors including height, weight, gender, and effort level. But on average, it’s a safe bet to expect you’ll burn 400+ calories per 50 minute class.

Who Goes to Spin Classes?

Clients generally range from 16-60+ years of age. People of all levels of fitness attend as the certified instructors will guide you throughout the class and encourage you to go at our own pace. You determine the effort level, no one else does it for you! There are no electronic monitors and no one is competing against anyone else. 

Do I Need to be in Good Shape Before Taking a Class?

If you have concerns about your health, you should consult your doctor. It is extremely important to go at your own pace, and listen to your body throughout the class.


CycleFit is an indoor cycling experience in downtown Frederick. Packed with powerful music, inspiring visuals and motivational instructors, CycleFit hits you with cardio, endurance, strength, and core work to give you a release you can’t find anywhere else.  In our judgement-free zone, you can take your worries out on the bike!  We believe everyone is battling something,  so when you walk in with the weight of the world on your shoulders, we guarantee you will walk out feeling happier, stronger, and more confident. Give us 50 minutes, we can turn your day around!

Visit our website: Per class rates, class packages, or unlimited packages available. Discounts for FCPS and Non-Profits.

Written by: Christina Kraimer, Manager/Owner & Brett Kraimer, Instructor/Owner

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