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Use Your Time Wisely: Home Activities During Social Distancing

home activities

Some of us might be panicking and wondering what we are going to do during this time of social distancing. Here is a list of home activities that you may find to come in handy when you feel there is nothing else out there:

home activities

Update your resume and create an excel sheet of employment, volunteering, and references.

Updating our resume is something we should be doing every so often, but with the daily stressors of life, it can get pushed to the side. Keep it up and if you need assistance, reach out to the career center at the institution you attended or reach out to a friend of yours or someone in your network. In addition, you should have a list of everything you’ve done. You cannot keep track of every awesome thing that you’ve been in or accomplished and every person you could reference all the time, so it is good to have an excel spreadsheet with sheets labeled for quick reference. Be sure to get specific! You will thank yourself later although this may be one of those home activities that take a day or so. 

home activities

Connect on LinkedIn.

This is a great time to see what other professionals are doing and see who you can connect with. Opportunities are getting posted that could help you or help you help someone else. Do not be afraid to make a connection and post. This is considered social media too!

home activities


This can be done around your home or outside. Try searching high-intensity exercises to do at home or get on the fitness section of your on-demand tab and see what your cable provider has to offer for free. Or you can take a nice long walk or do a combination of walking and jogging. Just stay 6 feet away and do not stop at the playground. If there are steps along your route use them! Do some jump squats or a variety of explosive plyometric exercises. This does not have to be long. See what you can do in an hour combining cardio and plyometric exercises. 

home activities

Jam out to your favorite oldies or create a playlist.

Sometimes we like to reminisce on the past when a certain song comes on. Get on your favorite music app and relive your past or better yet create your own playlist. These kinds of home activities, putting together lists of your favorite songs or videos or even your favorite pages in a book, become great go-tos for future tasks or moods. This may come in handy when it comes to cleaning around the house.

home activities

Chores around your room.

You may not realize that your room needs love when you are on the go, but now since you have some downtime, it is time to show it some love. 

Clean out your closet and prepare to donate it (since people can’t really donate it at this time) to Goodwill or a local organization that has a free clothing closet. Even better if you know someone who wears your size! 

If you need more space in your closet do a project! I added another bar to my closet and got the materials from Home Depot for under $20. I also added draw organizers to my drawers to give it not only more order, but to maximize space.

Job hunt.

You never know when another opportunity will arise. The opportunity to get into something new or a field you always knew you were destined to be in but the timing just wasn’t right could be now. While doing this, see who knows who in your network. In the work realm. sometimes it isn’t always what you know, but who you know. 

home activities

Do something for yourself.

Use this time to reflect and maybe think of something you have always wanted to do for you. Is it a pampering day, writing a book, creating your own networking group, reconnecting with someone that you miss? How about creating a vision board, beginning to write in a vision planner, cooking a new recipe that excites you, having a picnic-for-one in your living room or yard, or making a craft? Whatever your heart desires, do it; you may not have the free time to do so again.

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