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Home Improvements That Add Value To Your Property

home improvements that add value

An important part of working your way up the property ladder and increasing your return on investment is understanding precisely what kind of home improvements actually add value. Everyone has their own idea of what a beautiful home looks like. However, not all home improvements are equal. Some are much more likely to significantly enhance not only the beauty of a home, but also its monetary value. Let’s take a look at a few you can get started on.

Increasing the Living Space

Perhaps no space in the home is more important than living space. After all, what is a home if not a place to relax and recharge your batteries (especially in today’s work from home economy)? There are a couple of relatively straightforward ways you can make an immediate difference to your living space through renovations and improvements.

If you’re thinking big, expanding your living rooms, kitchen, and dining space into one open-plan area is often just a matter of removing one wall (professionally, of course). This kind of layout is still a popular selling point amongst both first-time and seasoned property buyers.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a backyard or a great view, outdoor-adjacent living spaces are also a popular selling point that can immediately raise the value of a property. Conservatories are relatively simple investments that shouldn’t disrupt your ability to enjoy living on the property, while some stylish decking leading into a grassy play area for kids or home garden immediately turns a simple property into a potential dream home.

There are lots of ways to create the illusion of more space, whether it’s incorporating fold-away furniture into the structure or adding French doors and windows for more natural light. Anything you can do to increase the space around you is worthwhile.

home improvements that add value

Sublet the Property

Looking to really turn a profit with your property? Why not consider becoming a landlord? Transforming your property from one home to two or even three can be a very lucrative investment if done correctly. Depending on the size of your property, the right adjustments can easily take it from a family home into a profitable short or long-term rental opportunity. This allows you to maximize profits and quickly pay off that mortgage hanging over your head.

Of course, like stepping into any other new profession, being a landlord comes with it’s own challenges, including:

  • You’re at the mercy of the housing market
  • Problem tenants can create a lot of issues
  • You’ll probably have to be quite hands-on at first
  • If you live at a distance, you may have to hire a property manager

Yes, this is more of a long-term solution than simply adding an extension. But if you live in a popular area (particularly one attractive to young professionals and students), it’s one worth considering.

Renovate the Attic and Basement

When we say improving your home requires working on it from top to bottom, we mean it!

Too often, homeowners aren’t ambitious enough when renovating their home to increase value. They focus on aesthetics, driven to not tamper with the existing structure too much. This can lead to some questionable design choices that actually limit your potential pool of sellers.

Instead, it pays to see what you can do with the often forgotten rooms of the house — the attic and basement. Converting these spaces into living areas or bedrooms can increase the value of a property by up to 30%. Suddenly a two-bedroom starter home is more suitable for growing families to move into. Likewise, these spaces make excellent social areas for young couples looking to entertain guests.

home improvements that add value

Other Upgrades to Consider

Not sold on these ideas? Consider these upgrades that home buyers have listed as the most important when making their housing decisions:

  • Energy-efficient (smart) devices
  • High efficiency windows
  • Garage space
  • Social kitchen spaces

Need More Advice?

Hungry for more advice on how you can increase the value of your property? Here are a couple of avenues to explore.

Speak to Local Real Estate Professionals

Alongside industry-specific skills, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and surveyors have a unique overview of the local property market. An important part of selling your home is selling the area as much as the building itself. After all, people buy for schools, amenities, culture and weather just as much as they do two bedrooms and a backyard.

Find experienced local professionals who could offer you some advice, or national companies with experience advising both buyers and sellers in popular areas, such as online mortgage broker Breezeful. You’ll quickly find yourself more prepared to build the kind of home buyers are actually looking for.

Get an Education in Property

No, you don’t need to go back to school or get your realtor qualifications, but there is a lot to learn about real estate that too many buyers and sellers don’t put the time into learning. There is a wealth of knowledge out there about developing a dream property (on a budget of course), getting your house ready for viewings and bargaining for the best price (on both sides of the deal). You can get some insight on these topics from:

  • Real estate blogs
  • Thought leader conferences and websites
  • Expert podcasts
  • YouTube guides

They might not teach you how to build a house, but you’ll sure teach you how to sell one.

There are so many ways to make your property a more realistic option for buyers in your area. It pays to keep up to date with developments in the real estate world, giving you the chance to hop on emerging trends early. 

home improvements that add value

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