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How to Buy Shoes Online – With Confidence!

buy shoes online

Are you hoping to find the perfect shoes? Shopping online, theoretically, is easy. But we all know how that can change when it comes to when you buy shoes online. Brand, materials, quality, size, return policies, and more can make buying shoes difficult. Especially when you aren’t able to feel them out in person. This article provides an easy reference guide to get you through to the fun part of online shoe shopping! First thing to do: Imagine coming across the perfect shoes! 

Are they perched at the top of pages and pages of comprehensive 5-star reviews, boasting comfort and durability? Do the shoes come from a brand that enforces human rights? Are they made of vegan and/or organic materials? Do they serve a specific purpose, from exercise to professional? And, do they come in a shoe sizing system you understand? 

These are priorities to consider when you take the dive down a search engine. 

Before You Buy Shoes Online, Understand Your Shoe Size

Even if you’ve been buying your own shoes for years, it doesn’t hurt to break out the measuring tape. Make sure you’re getting the best size, especially when you can’t try on the shoes before you buy them. Use this shoe sizing chart after you find out your measurement. Have a shoe size conversion website ready to check out shoes internationally!

Review the Brand’s About Us and Return Policies

Once you end up on a brand, look at the About Us and Return Policies. Do this first, before you spend too much time evaluating their collection. The About Us page will tell you if they enforce fair trade practices. It can also tell you if they care about their employees and the environment

You may want to know how flexible returns and exchanges are. Especially when you won’t know what you’re getting until it’s already paid for. Keep in mind that shoes carry weight and can cost you a lot on shipping back to the brand. You have to be mindful of the fact that some brands don’t accept returns after a certain period of days. 

Zoom In on Shoe Images and Read Specifications

Reviews can be difficult to rely on; you don’t know the reviewers’ biases and your priorities will differ. Reviews are important. But, you can also zoom in on the provided shoe images. Examine for yourself the design, color, and quality of the manufacturing. This is something easily overlooked that can provide great insight!

Take care to find the specifications on the shoe as well and take note of the materials used. Make sure they align with your priorities, whether that’s vegan, environmentally-conscious, and/or durability.

Shop on Festivities 

You can save a lot of money by holding out. Wait for discounted rates and incentives that many brands offer on special occasions like Black Friday, Eid, Christmas, and Diwali! You may get free delivery and low prices.

Don’t Overuse if a Return is Needed

Finally, as soon the package arrives at your home, make sure to check whether it is what you have ordered. Check if the size fits you and you feel comfortable in it. The trick is to go for a walk, wear the shoes for a good hour or so. Often you won’t notice if a shoe is too tight or falling off until you’re wearing it for an extended period. If you notice any discomfort, take caution. As you consider whether or not you need to exchange them, remember: Many brands don’t accept products coming back with wear and tear. 

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