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How to Create Connections with Clubhouse App

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Yes. 2020 was a dud of a year. It brought the experience of isolation to many around the world, especially entrepreneurs. But, it also brought us one of the best social media apps in the past recent years, Clubhouse App! This app is the easiest way to combat isolation while working from home and allows you to build connections all over the world.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is the hottest social media platform available today. This app is a listening and talking, audio-only app. Think of a live podcast meets conference after hours at the hotel bar.

You can listen in on discussions, presentations and more from some of the biggest names in the industry. There are experts in all fields from plants and farming to Instagram and coaching. This platform is giving its users access to experts that would normally cost thousands of dollars to access.

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Is Clubhouse Right For You?

If you’re a business owner and you enjoy connecting with others, then yes, Clubhouse is right for you. Clubhouse will help you find other entrepreneurs in your industry as well as those in other industries you want to learn about.

Imagine getting to learn about human design in a Clubhouse App room then heading to Instagram to connect with the moderator of the room. That’s the fun part of Clubhouse — there is no direct messaging feature on the platform. It is truly audio-only. And while that does mean accessibility issues, it would be foolish to not take advantage of being an early adopter of Clubhouse while it is still in beta phase.

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But How Do You Create Connections?

As mentioned above, you’ll have to head to Instagram to directly connect with Clubhouse users. You can also connect Twitter, but it seems that Instagram is the preferred platform for most users.

When you host rooms or get on stage in rooms on the Clubhouse app, you are at the front and center. This allows for huge visibility! Being visible is always a good thing because it builds that know, like, and trust factor that entrepreneurs constantly seek.

Again, by being visible in rooms, listeners will start connecting with you on Instagram direct messages. You can direct them to your Instagram inbox to ask about your current offers or connect with you for a virtual coffee chat. It seems like a lot of Clubhouse users are taking advantage of sending people to Instagram to continue their conversation when rooms end.

If you’re in a room and you hear someone talking and they say something that resonates with you, send them a direct message. This is going to help them see and remember you. Try saying something like, “I really enjoyed your Clubhouse room today. I agree with what you said about [TOPIC]. That resonated with me so much.” Of course, edit to your own words, but that is a good start!

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How Can I Join Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is currently in beta phase and only available by invitation. You must be invited to join the platform. However, you can sign up and reserve your name. This basically puts you on a waiting list.

Currently the Clubhouse app is also only available on iOS devices. If you have an android, you’re out of luck. But, if you can invest in a cheap iPad, it’s definitely worth it to have access to this exclusive social media app.

If you’re looking for an invitation to join Clubhouse, mention it on social media and tell your friends. Once someone joins, they get ONE invite. Most Clubhouse users are being very selective in who they give that invitation to because it can impact their name. On this app, there is a genealogy feature and you can see who invited each and every platform user. In fact, if you invite someone who ends up being a butthole and gets banned, your account could also get banned. This is why it is so important to only invite people that you know — your reputation depends on it.

Start Making Connections with Clubhouse Today!

Once you get on the app and start socializing on Clubhouse, you’re going to find so many people to connect with personally and professionally. The biggest tip is to go and use the app! Get familiar with it while it’s in beta phase and before everyone else hops on the bandwagon. Host rooms, make a club, and start connecting with all the humans on the other side of the app!

PS-If you’re on the Clubhouse app, be sure to follow and connect with us @sassmagazine (or search for Kim Dow) and our guest article contributor @nicolesaunders!

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