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How to Get the Most Out of a Branded Photoshoot

branded photoshoot

You can set your brand apart by painting your business in its best light, and often that means hiring a photographer for a branded photoshoot. There are a lot of factors that go into getting it right.

Know your brand

You have to know who you are if you’re hoping to tell other people about yourself with a branded photoshoot. What is your brand identity? Think through your business model and goals and try to capture the “look and feel” you’re going for. Once you have that figured out, you will know how you want to be seen by the audience. For example, if your brand is playful you’ll be going for a whole different vibe than if your brand were sultry.

branded photoshoot

Find the right photographer

You wouldn’t choose a wedding photographer to take your headshots. Look for a photographer who specializes in branding and lifestyle photography, and then consider their experience, pricing, and target audience. While your budget is always important, make sure you’re also choosing someone for your photoshoot who is collaborative and shares your vision. If you hope to have an ongoing relationship with your photographer, you’ll be glad you chose someone who “gets” your brand.

Create your shot list

Once you know how you want to be seen by your audience, and you’ve found the photographer to do it, you can nail down the shots you need. You should consider where these photos are going to go, and how your audience will interact with them. You might only need a few photos to update your website, but if you’re looking for social media content you might need a whole gallery that shows your professional and personal life.

If it makes sense for your brand to have more personal photos included, make sure they are demonstrating your personality without crossing any professional lines. Audiences tend to like these photos that give a glimpse into the human side of the brand.

branded photoshoot

Prepare for the photoshoot

Set yourself up for success during your photoshoot by spending a little time preparing.

  • If you work with products, make sure you have the best version of them on hand for the shoot. Group them logically so that you’re organized on the day of the shoot. 
  • If you provide a service, stage your photos to tell a story about your work process. If you want a photo of a client meeting, choose a real client that you’re comfortable talking to.
  • For portfolio shoots, you’ll want to show the completed project and versions of it throughout the process. 
  • Whether you’re shooting in your office or in a coffee shop, make sure the atmosphere is working for you and looks right for your brand. Choose spaces you feel natural in, and make sure to ask ahead of time if it’s ok to use the space for photos.
  • Make appointments well in advance for your hair, nails, makeup, or fashion consultation.
  • Relax! Show up for your photoshoot feeling well rested, and let the photographers do their thing.

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