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How To Meditate In The Moment

how to meditate

When many of us picture how to meditate, we imagine sitting in a specific way in a special space that somehow unleashes our minds from our bodies to make us one with the universe. However, meditation can happen in so many different ways. Especially for beginners but also for anyone at any point in their journey to mental and emotional health, meditating in the moment can be a powerful and easy habit to develop

Meditating in the moment can be a stepping stone towards other practices of mindfulness. It can also be a great habit to work into any part of your routine so that you have a stronger bond with yourself throughout the day and through any experience. Meditating in the moment is an invaluable tool to have on hand whenever you must confront discomfort and the unexpected. 

meditate in the moment

Learn how to meditate by allowing yourself to be in the moment

Focus on your breathing. 

Hear and smell the world around you. Every time you hear a sound, feel it slip away the moment you try to hold onto it. Let it go. When you feel completely comfortable with your moments and your existence in them, you can feel your feelings clearly. And identify them. Let them rise up and float away on their own. Every feeling. No feeling is good or bad. It just is. 

You can experience these sensations in every second of your life. Then, you can be honest with yourself and work through anything inside of you that’s causing strife. You are left with peace.

meditate in the moment

When you experience hard feelings, remember:

We remember bad things more often than good ones because when something bad happens, our brain is like, “This is important. We just remember so that it doesn’t happen again.” But when you let yourself be in the moment, and you focus on just BEING, your brain remembers. And it helps with disposition and trauma.

Your brain traumatizes you because it loves you. Each panic attack is your brain forcing you into high alert fight or flight because it doesn’t want you to get hurt again. But if you’re someplace safe, it’s not useful, is it? Being in the moment will help you feel at peace with the emotions that your brain is mobilizing to protect you. It will help you understand those feelings, and it will help you let them go so that you can find your own purpose in the moment, and mindfully do what you want to do, rather than what past experiences would lead you to do.

how to meditate

Meditating in the moment has been the most positive thing I’ve ever done for myself. Absolutely anyone can do this. When you learn how to meditate in the moment can help you set intentions for the day and be productive in a way that fulfills your own goals and expectations, regardless of external forces and pressures.

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