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How to Pick The Right Hair Style For Your Face Shape

hairstyle for face shape woman

If you ever feel stuck in a hairstyle rut, you aren’t alone. Some people are nervous about a hairstyle change, while others are unsure about which styles are best for them. But did you know that there are certain hair styles for your face shape that may be better than others?

First, you need to determine your face shape. Choose from oval, round, oblong, square, heart or diamond. From there, your stylist can create hair style specifically for your face shape. Here are a few styles to consider:

womens face shape

Oval Shaped Face

Well aren’t you lucky! The sky’s the limit for you ovals. You will look amazing with just about any style you want, so don’t be scared of change. If you want to narrow it down a little, find the feature you like most on that beautiful face of yours and choose a style to show it off.

Round Shaped Face

Don’t be scared to get a little edgy! Asymmetrical is a great and stylish choice for round faces. Add some face framing to soften the roundness, plus some layers or texture to help lengthen and give some height. But, be sure to avoid chin length bobs!

wavy hair woman

Square / Rectangle Shaped Face

Keep it soft! The idea of bangs can be a little scary for some. But for a square-shaped face, the perfect side swept bang with an offset part is a great start. Add a little texture to your style with some fun beach waves. If you have straight hair with this face shape you might want to think about a perm. Yep I said it—perm. No, not necessarily an 80s hair band style, but something loose just to give your hair a little life and motion!

Diamond Shaped Face

Show off those unique features, like those gorgeous cheekbones for sure! One classic haircut that stands out in the crowd is the shoulder length bob. Don’t be scared to add a full wispy bang as well. However, avoid a face framing style as that will widen the overall look. Keep it sleek and sophisticated!

Oblong Shaped Face

Keep it shorter with a little sass! Layers are a must! Pick a bang, any bang, they will help to shorten the length of your face. A style with a little va-va-voom and movement is what you need. However, avoid a long, single length haircut for this face shape.

womens hairstyle short

Heart Shaped Face

Most heart shaped faces come with a “widow’s peak,” so whether you are looking for a long or short style, your main focus will be around the chin. A fun, choppy chin length bob is a perfect fit! If you want to keep those long luscious locks don’t be scared to shag it out a little. Keep your long hair, but add lots of layers, just avoid taking them above chin length.

Next time you take a trip to your salon, remember which hairstyle is the best fit for your face shape. These are but a few of the many options to leave you feeling amazing and confident. Ask your stylist to help you find the perfect do! Don’t be afraid to make a change with your look, and what better way than to have a new style for the season!

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