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How to Start Your Own Blog and Make Money

A successful blog gives you the freedom to be your own boss and set your own hours. There are bloggers who earn a full-time income. It isn’t so much luck as it is having a solid plan. This doesn’t happen overnight, but with consistency and good planning, your blog should see steady growth and you’ll be able to determine if/when you can cover your bills and quit your job. Read on to learn how to start an online blog and make money.

How Bloggers Make Money

If you’re thinking of getting started blogging for money, you need to know how bloggers earn income:

  • Sponsors: Companies pay you to either promote a product in a post or pay to host a banner on your website.
  • Pay Per Click: When a reader clicks on ads on your site, you receive money through the advertiser.
  • Affiliate Promotions: You write about a product and have a link to the product with your unique identifier that tells the company the visitor came from your site. You get a commission when they buy a product.

It doesn’t take long to start a blog and make money. Here are some basic steps.

Pick Your Type of Blog

Blogs are categorized as either a Journal (the original online Web Log or bLog), Marketing Blogs where the content is designed around selling products or promoting a business, or Content Creation where informing your reader is the objective and you make money by ads on your site or promoting a product in a post. You’ll generally have faster success by launching a Content Creation blog or a Marketing blog that promotes products.

Pick Your Niche

Your niche is the subject you have decided to write about. Write about what you know. Just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you have to write about raising kids. If you love woodworking, write about woodworking!

Organize Your Thoughts

Getting started blogging for money takes some planning. You should publish about twenty posts before you start promoting your website. Some advertisers will tell you that twenty posts is the minimum number or you’ll automatically be rejected when you apply to their program.

Go to Google Search, enter your niche and look at how the blogs (not companies) on the first page have organized their content. This is an easy way to start organizing and categorizing your content and finding ideas for new articles.

Pick a Domain

There are guidelines to follow when picking a domain:

  • The length should be no longer than twelve characters. Imagine someone trying to enter your domain on their cell phone. It gets hairy after eight or nine characters.
  • Choose a “dot com”. That cell phone user won’t remember a .me extension. Newer extensions work for start-up companies.
  • Avoid numbers and hyphens.

Get Reliable Web Hosting

Web hosting can be the single most important decision you make for your blog. You want your visitors to have a pleasant experience while reading your blog. You also want them to check out your advertisers so you can make money. If your web site is slow, they’ll become frustrated and leave. No amount of web site optimization will help if your web host is slow.

Don’t use a free web host. When you are getting started blogging for money, you probably think this is the way to go since there is less financial risk. Unfortunately, many free web hosts put limits your account and can shut you down without notice. Paying for a reliable web host protects your content and your income.

You’ll need to decide how much support you need, how much traffic you’ll be getting and whether to choose Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting. The right hosting company will help you make the right decision.

Take Action

When you’re ready to start a blog and make money, take action! It’s a journey that can reward you monetarily and empower you by knowing your efforts help to support you and your family. Just choose your subject, organize your thoughts, pick your domain and your web hosting and you’re ready to roll.

Blogging Courses

Need some extra help getting started with or building your blog? Try one of these courses from A Beautiful Mess:

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