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6 Ways to Have a Thriving Long-Distance Relationship

long distance

All relationships come with their own set of challenges, and long distance relationships can be especially unique. Being away from your partner is never easy, but you obviously picked them (and stayed with them) because you think they are worth it! I’ve been a military partner for over 5 years now, so I’ve gone through decent chunks of time being long distance with my husband through all phases of our relationship! While I’m certainly not an expert, I do have some creative ways that help us through the long distance periods. There are tons of ways to be close no matter how far away your partner is. Here are some things that have helped me turn what could have been burdens into blessings:

Have regular rituals that you’d normally do in person

When we’re together, my husband and I love to have a big cup of tea at the end of the day to relax and catch up! When he’s away, we make our tea at the same time and catch up over the phone while we enjoy our tea “together” – we’ve even done tea over email! If there are things you love to do in person, find a way to do it “together” even if you are long distance! I have a friend who watches movies with her fiancé – they start a movie at the same time and text about it while they watch, just as if they are commenting from across the couch!

Talk about the little things

It is so easy to feel disconnected from your partner’s daily life when you’re not with them all the time. You may worry that you won’t know the little (yet important) things about them. One thing that helps me to feel more connected is asking the little things, like “what did you have for dinner?” or “what did you do at the gym today?” It may seem silly, but you’ll find you feel more connected with them when you know some of the simpler details about their regular day

Have Dates on Skype!

I can’t even count how many dinners I’ve had with my husband on Skype or FaceTime. Meals are something you would definitely enjoy together all the time if you were always in person, so why not make dinner at the same time and enjoy a meal virtually? It’s a great way to set aside a chunk of time for just each other with no distractions, and it certainly beats dinner in front of the TV! (Hint: if your partner is in a different time zone, you can mix and match meals! You can eat dinner while he’s eating breakfast or lunch, it’s still a date!)

Send daily selfies of the mundane

This may sound cheesy, but I love exchanging selfies with my husband! If I ever have on a cute outfit or am doing something fun, I’ll snap a pic and say “wish you were here!” and he’ll do the same. We even send pictures of boring regular stuff. It’s just another way to stay connected and stay involved in each other’s everyday lives, despite the distance. My phone is full of un-filtered selfies of both of us and I love them all!

Send each other snail mail

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite part of being in a long distance relationship. I love that we can surprise each other whenever we want! Now that everything is digital, people almost never send personalized snail mail. But don’t you love getting it? Whether you send simple letters or full-blown themed care packages, this will make your partner’s day and you’ll be thrilled to see how happy it made them! You can send cards, printed pictures, gift cards to their favorite spots around town, snack packages, the options are endless…Pinterest has a TON of great ideas!

Have a positive attitude and focus on the good things

As difficult as long distance relationships can be, you obviously chose your partner for a reason! Rather than focusing on how challenging it is, try to focus on what you love about your partner and all of the exciting things that make your situation special and fun. Here are some examples:

  • You get to explore BOTH of your cities or towns regularly!
  • You’ll always appreciate your time together and be less likely to take them for granted!
  • You have built-in alone time to nurture your friendships and develop yourself as your own individual.
  • You always have romantic getaways to look forward to.
  • You’ve found someone that is worth the wait!

I hope this has given you some fun ideas on how to make the most of being long-distance! Leave us a comment below with other things that have worked for you!

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