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3 Benefits of a Morning Routine

morning routine

I became interested in the idea of developing a morning routine when I started a decorating business two years ago. Working from home was proving to be a challenge. I found myself distracted by everything from the dog to the dirty dishes to the novel that I was so close to finishing. I didn’t have anyone but myself to hold me accountable for how I spent my time.

It took more than a month to settle into a system that allowed me to manage my new business along with my household needs and my personal hobbies. This system served me well for around six months. Then two life changes caused me to reassess my routine and change it slightly: I adopted a newborn, and I began a part-time job outside the home.

I thought developing a morning routine would simply provide some structure to my day. But, it turned out to be beneficial in several ways:

A Morning Routine Sets The Tone For The Day

I like to start my day feeling rested, energized, positive, and prepared. To reach that goal, I pack a lunch and set out my clothes the night before, go to bed early, take my dog for a run or complete a short yoga workout, play with my infant daughter, eat breakfast and pray during my commute.

A Morning Routine Helps Diminish The Feeling Of Overwhelm

For me, there’s nothing worse than arriving at my desk and seeing a long list of unread e-mails or tasks. By the time I’ve arrived at work, I’ve already exercised and eaten, so I have the energy to tackle my inbox and to-do list. I scan over every e-mail (marking certain ones as important, and using the “mark as unread” option on ones I need to review again). As I read, I jot down any tasks that crop up — such as “call X back” or “post mail by 3.” Once I’ve gone through every e-mail, I turn my attention to my task list. I keep a running to-do list on my computer, and it’s organized by day. I move tasks around based on importance, and then I begin working my way down the list.

A Morning Routine Eliminates Unnecessary Decisions

A routine provides a break from having to make new decisions every morning — which ultimately saves time and energy. I know what I’m going to wear to work, because I’ve already picked it out. I’m not going to have to pick where to eat lunch, because I’ve packed one from home. I know I’m not going to arrive at work and wonder how to spend my time, because I have a running to-do list.

The important thing isn’t to settle for just any routine — figure out what best suits your personality and your goals. Need more inspiration? Check out, which includes 194 routines of people around the world.

Originally published in January, 2018.

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