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Networking Groups for Women

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Move over men — women entrepreneurs are on the rise, and it’s high time we grab a slice of that market pie! According to a 2014 report generated by American Express (AE) there are an estimated 9.1 million women-owned businesses! Go get ‘em girls! AE states we are generating over $1.4 trillion a year and employing nearly 7.9 million people. That’s a big ol’ bite of pie I’m happy to eat.

Little known fact: Maryland and Virginia were named in the top 15 states for women entrepreneurs in 2012 by the Huffington Post.

You might be sitting there wondering just HOW women are blazing through our male dominated markets. Well…we are doing what (some) women do best… TALKING. Women are becoming successful through participation in networking groups. We are harnessing the power of our voices to support one another as entrepreneurs. Simply put, we kinda rock!

Women networking groups are popping up nationwide with one goal in mind: to help women run successful and profitable businesses. We at Sass wanted to spotlight some of these great groups for those of you who are thinking about opening a business, have an established business or simply want a fresh perspective from like-minded women with similar goals. We understand first-hand how exciting (and sometimes scary) branching out into a new career or starting a new business can be. Finding the perfect networking group is a wonderful way to feel supported and to meet other amazing, like-minded and sassy entrepreneurs. Check them out below:

Savor The Success

  • Founder: Angela Jia Kim & Marc Stedman
  • Mission Statement: Give, Give, Get
  • Unique Offering: PR Training & Manifest Method School
  • Website:
  • Recommended: For the entrepreneur looking for ways to visualize success, gain valuable PR advice, and get down to the meat and bones of her business

Her Corner

  • Founder: Frederique Irwin
  • Mission: Collaboration: You Don’t Have To Build Your Business Alone
  • Unique Offering: Monthly Peer Groups For Business Growth & Accountability
  • Website:
  • Recommended: For the entrepreneur who is committed to growth, accountability, and learning from fellow woman business owners

WBN (Women’s Business Network of Frederick)

  • Founded: 2004 by a group of 6 dedicated women
  • Mission: Inform. Encourage. Support
  • Unique Offering: Networking Lunch Monthly/Content Learning Opportunities
  • Website:
  • Recommended: For the business owner looking for a sisterhood who supports being proactive in her business and dreaming big

MWBC (Maryland Women’s business Center)

  • Founded by the non-profit Rockville Economic Development, Inc.
  • Mission: Long-Term Growth for Women-Owned Businesses
  • Unique Offerings: General Knowledge Base of Entrepreneur Resources
  • Website:
  • Recommended: For the entrepreneur looking for access to a well-rounded array of resources, whether a start-up or established business

Rising Tide Society

  • Founder: Natalie Franke
  • Mission: “Community over Competition” and Education for Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Unique Offerings: Monthly Peer Groups for Community and Learning, Access to Downloadable Guides and Free Webinars
  • Website:
  • Recommended: For the entrepreneur seeking connections with other biz-owners and easy-to-understand explanations of everything from branding to social media to SEO


So, what are you waiting for? Whether you have your next great idea or invention zooming around in your brain or an already budding and established business, consider checking out or joining one of these groups. $1.4 trillion is a big number. Don’t you want a piece of that pie?



A version of this article was printed in the Fall 2015 issue of Sass.

Contributor: Amanda Lee Magoffin

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