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6 Non-Profit Organizations To Get Involved With Now

What we spend our energy on can be integral to our identities. We often put our money and time towards products that uphold our activities and lifestyles, but may not be fulfilling our desires to make the world a better place. Do you long to contribute to society? We all go through our own struggles, and it is natural to want to help other people with the wisdom we gain. Here’s a solution: find non-profit organizations to get involved with!

Knowing how to contribute to a non-profit organization can be daunting. You can make monetary donations, or give your time through volunteering. Tasks can range from remote phone work to on-site volunteering. Are you strapped for cash and time? You can simply learn about the program. Then, you can advocate for the good it does, thereby contributing to the cause. Spread knowledge about a non-profit organization’s purpose through word of mouth or social media.

Get involved with these non-profit organizations now!

Dress For Success

Do you want to support women in the workplace? Dress For Success has an understanding of how women are affected by poverty. Therefore, they focus their resources on building up the professional confidence of women. They accept donations of clothing fit for job interviews. Then, they dress and guide women through the interview process.

United Way

If you’re looking to impact the world, United Way one of the best non-profit organizations to get involved with. They focus on struggling communities and on empowering humanity where it has been most oppressed, in the U.S. and globally. With programs to support educational, political, emotional, and community development, they have quite an impact. One of the biggest ways they make a difference is by operating 2-1-1, a 24/7 call center they provide in every state to help people with anything from financial troubles, to mental health, to basic human needs. They have many ways to get involved! For example, they can help you organize a workplace campaign to generate awareness, donations, and community.


This article is sponsored by the Unity Campaign.


Girls Who Code

Students are surging into colleges for computer science degrees. Companies are hiring computer technology experts at increasing rates. Yet, the field remains grossly dominated by men. That’s why Girls Who Code is doing crucial work by preparing women and building programs to create better environments and close the gender gap.


To eliminate racism and empower women is YWCA’s mission statement. Their initiatives include Stand Against Racism and Week Without Violence, a global movement of events and information with the goal of ending gender-based violence. There are branches in Annapolis, Gettysburg, and Hanover, to name a few. From their website, they walk you through how to take action for the causes you believe in, and you can also donate.

Girls On the Run

Girls On the Run teaches and inspires girls to take their personhoods into their own hands. As a result, they become masters of themselves and their lives. Finally, they exercise autonomy over their minds and bodies through activities like service projects and running a 5k. You can donate or join their flexible volunteer program.

Women, Food, & Agriculture Network

Not a lot of us know about the politics of our food. Here, the Women, Food, & Agriculture Network supports a just food system. Also, they empower women and gender non-conforming people in the industry. They host informational workshops on politics, leadership, and industry training. Quite frankly, knowledge we can all benefit from. You can donate here!

Are you finding this overwhelming? Start small. First, keep in mind the causes that are personal or important to you. Next, select one organization that appeals to what you care about. Then, give yourself space to think about how you want to donate. For example, evaluate the time and money you have available. Finally, remember that you don’t have a time limit. Any time is a great time to give.


This post is sponsored by the Unity Campaign. The Unity Campaign supports the more than one in three households in Frederick County, MD, that struggle to afford basic human necessities. This collaboration among nonprofit partners, incentive sponsors and the greater Frederick community supports our most vulnerable neighbors during 12 days of giving from September 11 through September 22, 2019. Powered by the United Way of Frederick County, the Unity Campaign donor gives to the nonprofit organization of their choice, and 100% of that donation goes to the selected charity.

For more information on the Campaign and to donate, visit

by Gel Derossi

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