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Outdoor Activities to Boost Your Mood, Body, and Mind

outdoor activities

When you think of outdoor activities, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Truthfully, it can be anything outdoors that brings you joy. Gardening, walking, going for a light jog/run in the park or downtown, or creating your own fitness regimen with playground equipment. Think of outdoor activities as your mind, body, and mood boosters. Studies show that outdoor exercises are just as effective as indoor ones and have some other appealing advantages. Here are some suggestions to incorporate outdoor activities into your lifestyle:

outdoor activities

Walking with a Twist

Walking has forever been a “go-to” exercise for people. And it is free! To rev up your walk, try ankle weights or 5-pound hand weights, and map out your route. Google Maps Live View can help you route your walk from your home to a nearby park depending on how far you want to go. This new feature gives you a live view of your route, as well as on-screen directions.  Don’t forget about your playlist. 

Hiking with the Family

It may sound intimidating, but hiking with family and friends can be enjoyable. When you all reach the top and see that view, you will be happy with your accomplishment. Maybe bring a treat to reward yourself when you get to the finish line!

Livestrong recommends taking it slow when hiking. During your hike, don’t be afraid to stop and take in the surrounding beauty of nature. That’s your mood booster! Livestrong also claims that aerobic activities such as hiking can bring extra oxygen and fuel to your body, increase bone density, and provides a daily dose of Vitamin D. Who doesn’t want that?

outdoor activities

Outdoor Boot Camp with SoldierFit

Ever see a SoldierFit ad or a boot camp workout on TV? The idea behind the boot camps is to build strength and endurance as if you were training for the military. The workout brings a basic training workout to you!

I have been through a SoldierFit Workout myself and it strung together circuits of intense exercises with modifications. You do these for 30-60 seconds apiece and pause for 10 seconds in between. Boot camp programs have become popular because they work every muscle group, you can do them anywhere, and they do not always require equipment.

Next time you dread a workout, try doing an outdoor activity. Walking or hiking can be just as intense as you want it to be without pushing the limit on your current fitness level. SoldierFit may sound intimidating, but it can refresh what you thought of outdoor exercise and inspire you to try some moves at home. The goal is to change up your routine. Outdoor activities or exercises lessen anxiety and it is social. You are around Mother Nature and can connect with others outdoors. 

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