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Get A Perfect Smokey Eye Look Every Time

smokey eye makeup

With the holiday season coming up it is a perfect time to try out a new makeup look. To add a little glam to your costume or party look, here is some guidance and tips to nail a smokey eye look. 

Try this look using grays and blacks for the traditional look. Not feeling as bold? Golds and browns are great for any eye color. Pinks and purples shades are great for brown eyes. Bronze and copper shades stand out on blue or green eyes.

Prime your Eye Area

When doing a smokey eye look you want to be able to blend the colors easily and for it to really pop without looking too dark. Primer is your go to product for this. If you need a primer, you can use a light layer of foundation or concealer. Cover your lid up to the crease below browbone and inner eye along your nose with the primer. This will also help the shadow last through your event. 

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Brushes are your Friend

I recommend three brushes for this look – a normal eye shadow brush typically called a shadow brush, a denser brush that will allow for color placement sometimes called a smudge brush or a concealer brush, and a fluffy brush for blending often called a crease brush or blending brush. Whenever you pick up color onto your brush you want to gently tap the wand area so excess falls off the bristles and does not fall onto your undereye. 

smokey eye look

Depth of Colors

Maybe you have noticed that when you place colors on your skin, they often look different than in the palette. That gray shade suddenly looks purple or a nude is barely able to be seen. To enhance your colors and make them show true to their color you want to work in layers. Start by covering the whole lid up to your crease in a neutral lighter shade. Taupe is a good shade for this. Colors added on top of this will look more pigmented.

Placement of Colors

Divide the eyelid into three areas to apply your shadows.  Work with your colors from light to dark focusing most of the darkest color at the lash line.

  1. Inner eye – In the first area from inner eye to middle apply a light shimmer to your inner eye corner. The rest of this area should not have a lot of shimmer.  Apply a lighter shadow with your shadow brush to the rest of this area.
  2. Middle eye – Moving into the middle section of the eye you want to start increasing your color and shimmer. If you want to use a lot of shimmer an additional primer can help to get the shimmer to stick. Using your denser brush place the color onto the eye in this area. 
  3. Outer eye – switching back to your shadow brush start with a medium dark color and gently apply to the crease. Move into a darker shade with your denser brush and apply in a “>” pattern with the darkest color being closest to your lash line. Continue adding until you have desired darkness. Also smudge a tiny bit of darkest color under the last half of your bottom eye by the lash.

Blending Perfects the Smokey Eye Look

Keep your blending brush mostly clean or only used in lighter shades so that when you blend it together it does not add color to your look. Working in small circles blend the middle and the darker sections together until it looks continuous and colors are not separated. If you need to add color use your denser brush to add and then blend again. 

Line and Lash it Up!

Apply liner where you would like. To really get stand out eyes like you see on celebrities or Instagram you must enhance the lashes. If you’re not comfortable using fake lashes, choose two different formulas of mascara. Apply one formula and then let it dry, then apply your second formula. The combination of this will give an extra boost to your lashes. If you want to try lashes Ardell Wispies are a great starter set. Before applying cut the lashes and bend them to your eye shape and size. Apply a thin layer along the lashes and let dry for about 10-20 seconds. Apply to skin at lash line and blend natural lashes with mascara. 

Clean up any makeup that fell under eye and finish your makeup look. Set with setting spray for extra staying power and get ready for the compliments! 

smokey eye tutorial
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